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 Eli Broad - “David Baltimore will go down in history as not only a great scientist but also as one of the great presidents of Caltech,”
 Eli Broad - “David Baltimore will go down in history as not only a great scientist but also as one of the great presidents of Caltech.”
 Chris Broad - “He's not riding today and he isn't riding tomorrow either. He's just very sore and bruised and didn't feel up to race-riding today. We will see how he is for Monday.”
 Chris Broad - “The super-sub trial is still effectively an ICC playing condition and it will have to be complied with during the series.”
 Chris Broad - “What England have got to do is continue to win. They've got a big winter with Pakistan and India,”
 Eli Broad - “The world has changed dramatically, with globalization and free trade, moving from an industrial economy to an information economy, ... But while that's been happening, K-12 education hasn't changed at all. Meanwhile, China's graduating five times as many engineers as we are, and you look at India and you get alarmed.”
 Chris Broad - “He's a bit sore, battered and bruised but he has no broken bones. He was taken to hospital but was allowed home last night. He's having a couple of days off and hopefully he'll be back for the weekend. We'll just have to wait and see.”
 Chris Broad - “Obviously they like batting with each other. They're the sort of people who enjoy being out in the middle and the challenge,”
 Eli Broad - “By joining our companies together, we will dominate the two fastest growing segments of the financial services industry, retirement savings and international markets, ... This marriage is a great cultural fit, with complementary businesses and a distribution network that is second to none.”
 Chris Broad - “Most other sides know what it's like when you're under pressure - you do make mistakes.”
 Eli Broad - “We became convinced that the combination of the brightest minds in science and medicine, coupled with world-class facilities and cutting-edge technology, holds the potential to unlock the mysteries of disease.”
 Chris Broad - “Disappointment at an umpire's decision is allowed by both players and team officials. I am satisfied with the explanation provided by the coach.”
 Paul Broad - “I know there's been lots of debate about that in the industry.”
 Chris Broad - “The England management have great confidence in Geraint Jones' batting. His wicket-keeping may leave a little bit to be desired but he does a job.”
 Charles D. Broad - “Common sense says that chairs and tables exist independently of whether anyone happens to perceive them or not.”
 Charles D. Broad - “When we say that Philosophy tries to clear up the meanings of concepts we do not mean that it is simply concerned to substitute some long phrase for some familiar word.”
 Charles D. Broad - “It should now be clear why the method of Philosophy is so different from that of the natural sciences. Experiments are not made, because they would be utterly useless.”
 Charles D. Broad - “It is clear that every immediate object of our senses both exists and is real in the primary meaning of these terms so long as we remain aware of the object.”
 Eli Broad - “Norfolk's success can be attributed to the district's strong leadership, and the solid partnership with the school board, unions and community. It is clear that they have made education a priority for all students.”
 Eli Broad - “It is our hope that the Broad Institute will really be the anchor of a new biomedical corridor in Southern California. Despite the fact that we have great universities, great medical schools, we have not built integrated research space that will encourage expansion of the biotech industry.”
 Eli Broad - “If he can get it at the right price, he'll do it. I'm not aware of any other motivation for getting into the newspaper business.”
 Eli Broad - “Stem cell research is one of the greatest opportunities to improve the human condition. California will be America's leader in stem cell research, which will not only benefit the tremendous need of people suffering from debilitating diseases and conditions, but will also help the California economy immeasurably.”
 Chris Broad - “But you've still got to go out there and play. Australia won't ever be a bad side. They're always going to find good young batsmen and bowlers to come in. So we've got to do the same.”
 Chris Broad - “Australia haven't been put under pressure like this for a number of years,”
 Chris Broad - “They (Australia) are a very competitive unit and they play the game in a very competitive manner.”

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