My Favorite Quotes
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 W. W. Broadbent, MD, PhD - “The major way of doing anything with one's self is to own one's self. This means to take full responsibility and accountability for whatever I am doing at any moment, with anybody. It means, among other things, that I get rid of all the extra fingers that I point at people and situations to explain my behavior. When a person says 'He made me mad' that is not accurate. It is 'I made me mad.' When I permit myself the luxury of taking that full responsibility, then I'm on first base, at least, because then I can do something about it.”
 W. W. Broadbent, MD, PhD - “The person who finds witticism in the most obscure places, no matter how serious the discussion, has this message to others 'I'm your court jester. Now don't you at least like me'”
 W. W. Broadbent, MD, PhD - “If you're interested in misery, 1 always try to look good in front of others 2 always live in a world of assumptions and treat each assumption as though it's a reality 3 relate to every new situation as if it is a small crisis 4 always live in the future or the past and 5 occasionally stomp on yourself for being so dumb as to follow the first four rules.”
 W. W. Broadbent, MD, PhD - “After observing the loved and the unloved, we found the loved ones rarely tried to manipulate others.”