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 Martin Brodeur - “He is Mr. New Jersey. Scotty was a great player who was known around the league, and established in All-Star games and this and that. Dano is pure New Jersey.”
 Martin Brodeur - “I played 25 minutes and 35 minutes in two games. I shouldn't be tired. I'm tired of getting scored on.”
 Martin Brodeur - “It's like preseason now. I guess maybe a memo was sent down to call games tighter again.”
 Martin Brodeur - “I hope so. Nine more games, we're going to need that to get into the playoffs.”
 Martin Brodeur - “These were big games for us. It's nice to see us dominate them.”
 Martin Brodeur - “It's mind boggling. You're thinking about it and you are shaking your head saying, 'How did we do this' We don't say there are 11 games left, let's win them all. We needed a lot of help from everybody but we still needed to win 11 games. I think it's amazing.”
 Martin Brodeur - “You have to manage your ups and downs in a series to be successful. We've been able to pull through in situations where our backs were against the wall a little bit, but we took advantage of some lucky breaks. That's the way games go, if you work hard good things will happen.”
 Martin Brodeur - “It went our way for three games. It could go the other way for three games, also.”
 Martin Brodeur - “More insulting still, the New Jersey Devils declined to stay in Ottawa between Games 1 and 2 of their Stanley Cup semifinal series against the Senators last week, flying home to spend 48 hours in the relative Babylon of East Rutherford. If you look around, ... there's not much to do around here.”
 Martin Brodeur - “Losing a game like tonight is a killer. These are four-point games. We have six games left against these guys. Who knows, those points might determine a playoff spot.”
 Martin Brodeur - “You can't be happy about losing a game. You have to look at the bright side. We competed well against a team that we can afford to give two points to and we took one away from them.”
 Martin Brodeur - “We didn't give them our best game, that's for sure. We turned the puck over, made a lot of mistakes. (But) Rick played tremendous. He made the saves when he needed too.”
 Martin Brodeur - “These teams were ready for us. Nobody wanted to give us a break. All tournament long, it didn't matter what team we play, they give us their A game. It's really disappointing.”
 Martin Brodeur - “The last win is always the toughest win. Whether it's the Rangers or any other team, it's tough to put a team away and we are definitely in good position to do that.”
 Martin Brodeur - “As far as I'm concerned, he's the best hockey player that I've played against.”
 Martin Brodeur - “He's the icon of hockey. That's the bottom line.”
 Martin Brodeur - “It felt a little hurt but now it's fine. No problem.”
 Martin Brodeur - “It felt long, ... Not playing is one thing, but not being with the guys. I was out of it for 18 months with the lockout and now I'm so happy to get back. When you're hurt -- I'd never really experienced it before -- you're not part of a team too much.”
 Martin Brodeur - “It was tough to get up for teams from the West. This will put a lot of interest back in the game.”
 Martin Brodeur - “To my knowledge, it's a phantom goal,”
 Martin Brodeur - “Defensively we're going to have a lot of size. It should be interesting to see - I think it's going to be a learning process - learn to play with each other, learn to play with the new rules, learn to play against other teams. There's all new teams everywhere, they haven't been passive and have been changing players left and right. For the first week it be interesting to see how we play against our traditional rivals because we're going to be playing them a lot.”
 Martin Brodeur - “I thought we played really well. We've got to get the third period out of our mind and be comfortable with how we played.”
 Martin Brodeur - “We definitely have to keep an eye on Crosby a lot more. I thought we just played him like a regular player, and he showed us that we can't allow ourselves to do that. We have to play him tough and try to get him off his game.”
 Martin Brodeur - “For the first time in five or six days I was able to use it.”
 Martin Brodeur - “We've still got a lot of time before they exercise their option.”

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