My Favorite Quotes
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 Peter Brodie - “I think we've gone through this consolidation phase over most of the first part of the year, after last year's gains. I think it's natural to see that, but it's been difficult for investors.”
 Craig Brodie - “It was obviously a good win for us. The kids played hard and made the plays when they had to.”
 Peter Brodie - “One attraction of Latin is that you can immerse yourself in the poems of Horace and Catullus without fretting over how to say, Have a nice day.”
 Peter Brodie - “But in the short term, there's a lot of uncertainty, about terrorism, the presidential election and interest rates.”
 David Brodie - “(They) can always say Wal-Mart came to town in 1994 and it's been all downhill since, but they have had 12 years to figure out a way to do better, and it hasn't happened yet.”
 Peter Brodie - “August through October, you historically have weakness. Even with a number of supportive factors in place right now, it's likely that these seasonal factors will kick in.”
 David Brodie - “These transformative issues are self-inflicted pain of a much greater magnitude than they anticipated. That's a knock against management. They just took on so very, very much.”
 David Brodie - “By including a retail real-estate developer in a partnership to make an offer for HBC, a financial player would avail himself of the expertise to examine every property and store lease and determine alternative strategies for each piece of real estate before making an offer.”
 Peter Brodie - “There are many reasons to be optimistic -- corporate earnings have been strong, with more than 70 percent of companies in the first quarter exceeding estimates. The employment picture seems to be improving,”
 Peter Brodie - “I doubt the advance is done for the year. There are a lot of seasonal characteristics that are in play and there is still a lot of liquidity.”
 Fawn M. Brodie - “Show me a character whose life arouses my curiosity, and my flesh begins crawling with suspense.”
 Fawn M. Brodie - “A man's memory is bound to be a distortion of his past in accordance with his present interests, and the most faithful autobiography is likely to mirror less what a man was than what he has become.”
 Fawn M. Brodie - “A passion for politics stems usually from an insatiable need, either for power, or for friendship and adulation, or a combination of both.”
 Fawn M. Brodie - “Housework is a breeze. Cooking is a pleasant diversion. Putting up a retaining wall is a lark. But teaching is like climbing a mountain.”
 Fawn M. Brodie - “There is, of course, a gold mine or a buried treasure on every mortgaged homestead. Whether the farmer ever digs for it or not, it is there, haunting his daydreams when the burden of debt is most unbearable.”
 Walford Brodie - “I've got a living to make, to put it plainly there's more money in shocking and terrifying than in edifying.”
 Stuart Brodie - “One of the most common reasons so few people are consistently able to achieve meaningful results is that they are unwilling to experience the discomfort associated with relentlessly pursuing a correct perception of reality.”