My Favorite Quotes
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 Patrick Brogan - “Dividend tax relief and low interest rates tend to buoy some of the stocks, but the sector's fundamentals continue to deteriorate,”
 Jan Brogan - “I thought both teams showed up ready to play. This is our recovery week, and not everybody's playing at their best. But this win got us back into gear.”
 Jan Brogan - “We have had more than enough injuries for a year. We have been able to reshuffle the lineup and adjust. But we hope to be able to play our original lineup.”
 Jan Brogan - “It was a very good start. She started the season 6-0, and now we're hoping she can finish without a loss.”
 Jan Brogan - “Both teams are a rank lower than us. But they are still threats because they are in our conference and have pushed us in the past.”
 Patrick Brogan - “As long as investors keep bidding up the price of the long distance companies on speculation that there might be an acquisition, it actually makes an acquisition harder to complete,”
 Jan Brogan - “We had to shift our lineup because of injuries. We proved we could adjust to the environment even though they may not be our strongest pairs. We will go back to our original lineup as soon as our players all get healthy. But right now we are just concentrating on this competition, rest and then prepare for the weekend.”
 Jan Brogan - “Stephanie and (Cristina) were both struggling earlier with illness. But they are great friends which translates to great chemistry on the doubles court.”
 Patrick Brogan - “Why buy a business that's been declining 10 to 15 percent”
 David Brogan - “We need to take a closer look at the justification for the water tax and if there are any other funding sources available before we place another tax on business.”
 Pat Brogan - “The stock price may have come down but Qwest still carries a heavy debt burden and that is not very attractive to potential acquirers.”
 Pat Brogan - “The long-distance industry is not a very happy place to be. There's a large influx of competition from the Baby Bells and the trend of wireless and e-mail replacing traditional phones is continuing.”
 Jan Brogan - “Last year, she won 15 matches in a row, and fell into a rut this past fall. But she had a great attitude and has been working hard.”
 Denis William Brogan - “Any well-established village in New England or the northern Middle West could afford a town drunkard, a town atheist, and a few Democrats.”
 Denis William Brogan - “A people that has licked a more formidable enemy than Germany or Japan, primitive North America ... a country whose national motto has been 'root, hog, or die.'”
 D. W. Brogan - “For Americans war is almost all of the time a nuisance, and military skill is a luxury like Mah-Jongg. But when the issue is brought home to them, war becomes as important, for the necessary period, as business or sport. And it is hard to decide which is likely to be the more ominous for the Axis - an American decision that this is sport, or that it is business.”