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 Joseph Bronson - “The quarter marked another record of milestone growth.”
 Rachel Bronson - “I think she will be seen as a twisted, horrible woman who is going to hell. Suicide is against Islam and she targeted Muslims, another taboo.”
 Charles Bronson - “We will not tolerate anyone exploiting our citizens and hope that these series of actions send a strong message that we will fully investigate and go after any instances of price gouging that we find,”
 Charles Bronson - “Foreign imports, ... are being sold at 25 to 50 percent below Florida prices. They are squeezing Florida producers out of this market.”
 Joseph Bronson - “The company's performance was outstanding, reflecting continued strength across the industry.”
 Rachel Bronson - “What we should have learned from the diplomacy leading up to this is that we shouldn't expect other nations' interests to trump. It was in their interest to side with us on Iraq, but somehow they found other interests to pursue. It's in their interest to help rebuild Iraq, but they're not going to do it under all conditions. It's going to take some fancy footwork in diplomacy.”
 Gail Bronson - “Everyone recognizes that wireless platforms are the next rev (step) of the Internet.”
 Rachel Bronson - “To get to 6 million barrels a day will require 30 billion to 40 billion in investment, and it assumes a bull market for oil. If you just start doubling production, but demand stays the same, that's wasteful.”
 Charles Bronson - “I don't look like someone who leans on a mantelpiece with a cocktail in my hand, you know.”
 Charles Bronson - “Audiences like to see the bad guys get their comeuppance.”
 Charles Bronson - “I look like a quarry someone has dynamited.”
 Charles Bronson - “Maybe I'm too masculine. Casting directors cast in their own, or an idealized image. Maybe I don't look like anybody's ideal.”
 Charles Bronson - “Thank goodness that situation ... did not cause physical human disaster as everyone thought might be the case,”
 Joseph Bronson - “We do not believe that spending is at levels that will exceed demand at this time. We expect orders for our equipment to be robust for the remainder of this year.”
 Jody Bronson - “Everyone came to play today. It was electrifying.”
 Jody Bronson - “We've been working toward getting everybody healthy in practice. They showed a lot of heart out there today. It was an all-around effort.”
 Dick Bronson - “If we're in trouble, this should tell us, and it should be done in a public way.”
 Jody Bronson - “I think they understood how hard they have to battle all the time. Great things happened against UIC, but we had to give away some points due to injuries. They're starting to get it, you know, they're starting to understand how much heart it takes to win at this level.”
 Rachel Bronson - “The question many have in the region is how not to squander the wealth like they did in the 1970s.”
 Dick Bronson - “They are the early indicators of whether water is polluted or not. It's like they're a whisper in your ear.”
 Rachel Bronson - “In the long term, Iraq should be self-sufficient. But in the short term -- three to five years -- Iraq's going to need a lot of help.”
 Charles Bronson - “Our state's honey industry has suffered on several fronts in recent years, ... In addition to the destruction of honeybee colonies caused by mites and hurricanes, the flood of cheap imported honey has pushed our state's honey producers and packers to the brink of economic disaster.”
 Charles Bronson - “Such a call would understandably upset most people.”
 Charles Bronson - “If the hurricane comes across the forecast path, it's going to hit a lot of the citrus industry in southwest Florida. It's going to ruin their crop for this year, which will totally change the forecast for orange juice, ... The vegetable growers are going to have an awful lot in the ground that would be picked this year and could be destroyed.”
 Charles Bronson - “What kind of man would I have been if I had not been there to help her I felt along with her - not the physical pain, of course, but all her mental anguish. You can't be detached.”

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