My Favorite Quotes
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 Scott Brooker - “Suter is putting together a really respectable season. He's putting together quality times, a little better than last season.”
 Scott Brooker - “This is a place to start. That's the way we look at those meets. We'll take the marks that we set today and start whittling away at those.”
 Martin Brooker - “All eyes are on Nokia tomorrow, and this bounce could be a short lived rally if Nokia disappoints.”
 Scott Brooker - “The jumps helped us. Some of our distance runners were kind of beat up, so we had them run different things just getting ready for Monday's conference meet.”
 Martin Brooker - “The recovery is not off the ground yet and there's a danger it could be nipped in the bud in its infancy. I think a lot of economists who have been very cocky over the last month, revising expectations up to ridiculous levels, are starting to backtrack.”
 Martin Brooker - “Valuations still remain high in the European technology sector. I see about 10-15 percent further downside in the sector before prices begin to get interesting again.”