My Favorite Quotes
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 Bill Sambrookes - “It was nice that he was able to hit those shots because everyone else was cold against their zone. He got on a little bit of a roll and hit a couple shots he probably shouldn't of hit, but that's what happens. It was probably one of his better games.”
 Peter Brookes - “Chinese policies are endangering U.S. goals by supporting African dictatorships, hindering economic development, and exacerbating conflicts and human rights abuses in troubled countries such as Sudan and Zimbabwe.”
 Peter Brookes - “There are some ... programs that are so sensitive that distribution of information should be very limited. It's vital to our national security. But I also believe there should be some oversight.”
 Mark Brookes - “I thought Tyler pitched well early. But they just started to get to him in that third inning.”
 Tom Brookes - “The writing was clearly on the wall. They're not going to be pursued further.”
 Mark Brookes - “It's the first time in years I saw some dust in the infield on the first day of practice. A lot of teams are going to be in much better shape when the season starts and not as far behind.”
 Tom Brookes - “It is part of the regular dialogue between Microsoft and the Commission on a range of policy issues.”
 Peter Brookes - “But the other thing is the question are you willing to take the first punch, and how big a punch would that be ... Could it be an explosion of a nuclear or dirty bomb or the use of chemical or biological weapons, and are you willing to live with that. That is the challenge for policy makers and it is no small challenge.”
 Tom Brookes - “Nothing in the decision published today authorizes the commission to sidestep the file access and other due process guarantees to which all companies are entitled to under European law and which have been neglected in this case.”
 Mark Brookes - “You've got to give them credit. They are very much improved. They pitched well. They played defense well. They deserved to win, there's no question about that.”
 Tom Brookes - “We can confirm the meeting is taking place and is part of the regular dialogue between Microsoft and the Commission on competition and a wide range of other subjects.”
 Bill Sambrookes - “Our team is as capable of putting a run together any other team. We just need to start playing better on a more consistent basis, and there's no better time to do it than now.”
 Peter Brookes - “I don't think we should turn a blind eye to these important issues just because we are dealing with the nuclear issue.”
 Tom Brookes - “We are taking this step so the court can begin its review now of this issue given its far-reaching implications for the protection of our intellectual property rights around the world.”
 Mark Brookes - “He could pitch at both schools but he wanted business and where better to study business and play baseball than New York City”
 Mark Brookes - “Just looking at our pitching you've got to think you're going to be in games. Plus we have a lot of returning defensive players. So pitching and defense are certainly two areas I consider us to be above average.”
 Tom Brookes - “This filing is the result of the agreement we reached with the Commission in June to put this particular issue to the Court of First Instance.”