My Favorite Quotes
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 Jerry Brookings - “I ran into Tito Jackson and told him I wanted to learn to play and he invited me to his house.”
 Jerry Brookings - “He asked me what in the world I was doing in the Marines and I told him I'd be out in a few years and was wondering if I could get another shot at a gig with him when I got out.”
 Jerry Brookings - “They were poor. Everybody was poor. They didn't even have professional instrumentation, but they were making great music - they were actually on a professional level.”
 Jerry Brookings - “I started studying some music, trying to grow as a musician in Hollywood.”
 Jerry Brookings - “Lou came down to perform there, part of his military tour.”
 Jerry Brookings - “I just got tired of the business.”
 Jerry Brookings - “They were so high in the business, I saw a lot of people trying to hang onto them, to get favors from them, and it turned me off. So I just played wherever I could around town.”
 Jerry Brookings - “When I saw them leave a black ghetto and become international superstars, in my mind there was no other way to go. That was it. I had to be a musician - that's how I got into music.”
 G. N. Breed Brookings - “During our short sojourn here we are constantly changing. There is no such a thing as remaining always the same in any particular element. Our thoughts change. Our actions are not the same today as they were yesterday. We are constantly gathering new ideas, either bettering our lives, or making ourselves more unhappy. Collecting the beauties and sweets of this life is like gathering favorite roses from among the tangled briars. We pay dearly for the pleasure of having them. Yet we are told that this is but a 'preparatory school,' and the lessons we learn here are to make us more competent to enter into the higher departments of heaven. Let us strive on.”