My Favorite Quotes
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 Kyle Brooks - “This gym owns us in the second quarter the last two games.”
 Scott Brooks - “The more games you coach, the more comfortable you feel.”
 Aaron Brooks - “We're definitely giving away games. (It) definitely is a matter of finishing, but we've got to not put ourselves in the situation.”
 Kenny Brooks - “Actually, were pretty familiar with their personnel. Theyre senior-loaded. They have four seniors, I think, who start or play a lot, who we were able to play against twice. Were pretty familiar with them. Amanda Butler was the associate head coach when we had those two games. They do a lot of things that are similar, with a few twists.”
 Paul Brooks - “That really could hurt us inside during games against bigger, physical teams. But Casey Clark played a lot of minutes and we feel good about having him in the lineup. But we do lose size inside.”
 Rich Brooks - “The momentum will really get going when we start winning games. I think we've turned the corner, but we've got to get to the straightaway and accelerate.”
 Rich Brooks - “Hayden Lane has played some good games for us. We are not giving up on him. We need better production, particularly from the right tackle.”
 Traci Brooks - “The atmosphere never really changed. We always get excited to put on a great show. Even if it was just on the Internet or pay-per-view, TV, you can never just give less than perfect. You should always treat each show as if it's the biggest one yet.”
 Aaron Brooks - “In the back of our minds, we know we have to give them one tiny bit of hope.”
 Andrew Brooks - “We just want to give them a good start. Anybody that wants to donate any school-type materials, we will put it in there too.”
 Dylan Brooks - “Based on the consumer perspective, these companies are allowing them to save a few cents here and there, but to give up quality. That's not very compelling.”
 Rod Brooks - “I would literally give up my right arm to talk to Felipe Alou.”
 Ryan Brooks - “We're more motivated than ever. We're going up there Hershey and we're going to give whoever we're playing a run for their money.”
 Derrick Brooks - “We give certain checks at the line,”
 Derrick Brooks - “I would give up one thousand yards to get a win.”
 Bill Brooks - “The horse had a history of testing high. I told Josh after that happened to sell the horse or give it away. Josh is a good man, an honest trainer and doesn't need that grief. He trains for a lot of good people.”
 Thomas Brooks - “A man's most glorious actions will at last be found to be but glorious sins, if he hath made himself, and not the glory of God, the end of those actions”
 Bob Brooks - “I feel the team at Pace can help me achieve my goals in the airline industry and of a Hooters Airline.”
 Patti Brooks - “One Olympics in person is enough in my lifetime, thank you. They're not going to get any better than they were in Lake Placid (where Herb's team won the gold medal).”
 Richard Brooks - “He had a heart of gold.”
 Golf Brooks - “You can't get enough of that.”
 Golf Brooks - “We have no practices at all. We just wing it. It's spontaneous. No one knows what to expect. Even hearing the same song we played the week before, it could come off different. Everything's off the wall. It comes out better that way.”
 Golf Brooks - “We literally outgrew the place.”
 Rich Brooks - “You look at the tight ends we had out here practicing. We had four guys who have never taken a snap, and I promise you we're going to be pretty good at tight end.”
 Brian Brooks - “We're looking good, but it's a new season. We're worried about playing the host team on the first day.”

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