My Favorite Quotes
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 Frank Brothers - “He's bigger. He's always been a good-sized colt. Hopefully he can go a mile and a quarter if he keeps buying his ticket.”
 Frank Brothers - “According to Dr. Hunt, it had to have happened in the starting gate or leaving the gate in the Blue Grass. Nothing happened to him at the barn.”
 Frank Brothers - “The Champagne was his best race, he had a nice workout Saturday, we hope he has a good week here and goes out there and runs well.”
 Frank Brothers - “I was satisfied with the way my horse ran coming off the bench. He was good and sharp ... he just couldn't get to the other horse.”
 Frank Brothers - “My horse did everything right other than he didn't win. He ran a dynamite race off the bench, which isn't a given. His stride was good at the end. He stayed on and kept fighting, which was a good sign.”
 Frank Brothers - “There's a little gray area there. But physically he's a big, strong horse and he'll relax. The good ones improve from 2 to 3. That's the key to any of them, and I see no reason to think he won't.”
 Frank Brothers - “He did everything right except win. He broke sharp and (Prado) rode him like he was supposed to. He let the horse (Keyed Entry) go on and took a shot and just couldn't get to him.”
 Frank Brothers - “The main thing is to see how that horse is. This race doesn't get him to the first Saturday in May, but it gets him along.”
 Frank Brothers - “The proof is always in the pudding. There's no question that as a two-year-old he was a good miler and beyond, and the road we took with him was the road to the Breeders' Cup, and that was one-turn races. There was no reason to try anything else. With a young horse, though, there's always that gray area if they can go that far, mentally or physically.”
 Joyce Brothers - “The person interested in success has to learn to view failure as a healthy, inevitable part of the process of getting to the top.”
 Joyce Brothers - “There is such a thing as bad publicity.”
 Frank Brothers - “I think the Breeders' Cup might have been his best race. He was taken out of his game, and many young horses when they're taken out of their game, that's it. I thought that was the mark of a pretty good horse.”
 Frank Brothers - “You know, we're in it to win. But I thought (First Samurai) did everything right, about as good as he could do, other than win. I was very happy with the race.”
 Frank Brothers - “I thought he worked well. I think he came out of his last race as good as a horse could come out of a race like that, especially considering it was his first start off the bench and they ran fast over a fast racetrack. He hasn't missed an oat and has been very sharp since the race.”
 Frank Brothers - “This game is 'what have you done for me lately' in all phases of it. I would say yeah, he probably is a little under the radar. I thought both of his races this year were tremendous races but he hasn't run in six weeks.”
 Bonnie Brothers - “I've heard people say, 'I wish I'd asked Mama.' When everybody dies, a certain amount of history is buried with that person. There's a window of time ... and when that person is gone, that window is closed.”
 Frank Brothers - “He's still pretty green, but any time you win a Grade I at Saratoga, it's pretty good.”
 Frank Brothers - “It's time to tee it up and do it.”
 Frank Brothers - “It was the first time Jerry was on him since the Hopeful, and he was pretty happy the way he worked. We gave him the chance to lug in and he never even thought about it. Hopefully, he won't do that in the afternoons.”
 Frank Brothers - “Any time you've got a young horse and you're going two turns, there's a little bit of gray area there whether he could run that far mentally or physically.”
 Dr. Brothers - “Trust your hunches.... Hunches are usually based on facts filed away just below the conscious level.”
 Dr. Brothers - “The world at large does not judge us by who we are and what we know it judges us by what we have.”
 Joyce Brothers - “For men to be virgins, we think it's negative. We think that there's something wrong with them. At the same time, we think when a woman gives up her virginity too early she's a bit of a tramp.”
 Joyce Brothers - “For men to be virgins, we think it's negative. We think that there's something wrong with them.”
 Frank Brothers - “If the next breeze is good, he comes out of it okay, and he has a couple of good weeks, we'll probably go to the Fountain of Youth.”

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