My Favorite Quotes
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 William Brownfield - “Ladies and gentlemen, How am I going to sleep with so many conspiracies and plots”
 William Brownfield - “What's most important is to think about the interests and the well-being of the indigenous communities here and what best represents their interests, ... I am still hoping for direct dialogue between the mission and the government to resolve these differences.”
 William Brownfield - “I can categorically deny that, ... I still hope we can have direct talks between the mission and the government to resolve their differences.”
 Priscilla Brownfield - “A lot of girls don't want to do it against the boys. My brother would come and say, 'I have to show you this new move, but I won't hurt you.' One day he just said come out for practice, and I just tried it.”
 William Brownfield - “Differences between the two governments exist, ... (But) there are areas of interest for the two countries in which we should collaborate.”
 William Brownfield - “It is not appropriate, and in fact it is probably inappropriate issue for a foreign government to discuss at this time,”
 William Brownfield - “What is happening will have an impact on the commercial decisions of private companies, not only those from the United States, but all the countries of the world,”
 William Brownfield - “Ladies and gentlemen, how can I get any sleep with so many conspiracies and plots ... The truth is there are many things in this world that have nothing to do with the United States.”
 William Brownfield - “Most of them, almost 100 percent, are young between 18 and 19 years old and they decided that the security issue was a little complicated,”
 William Brownfield - “For more than 20 years, the United States has offered replacement parts for the F-16 planes,”
 William Brownfield - “I'm sorry they are leaving, ... I think it's important to have that kind of people-to-people contact.”
 William Brownfield - “obligation to respect the contracts that it has already signed and voluntarily entered into.”
 William Brownfield - “No 'Plan Balboa' exists,”
 William Brownfield - “The United States supports a concept, and it's an important one, of democracy, specifically constitutional democracy. I hope that the solution will be a democratic and constitutional solution.”
 William Brownfield - “Perhaps we can tone down the rhetoric a little in 2006, I hope we can pass 12 months without hearing the words Mr Danger or assassin or terrorist.”
 William Brownfield - “We owe it to our own citizens to ensure that we have contingency plans, should such a reduction or interruption come to pass, ... But let me say that this would be an illogical act on the part of the government of Venezuela. Venezuela and the U.S. are natural partners in oil, for simple, common sense geographic reasons.”
 William Brownfield - “I think our two governments have resolved, at least for the moment, the civil aviation problem. We have reached an agreement, the FAA is sending a technical team here to Venezuela.”