My Favorite Quotes
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 Karel Bruckner - “It was a game we had to win and we came out strong. Now we head into Wednesday's game (at home to Macedonia) confident, but we have to go in just as seriously and just as determined.”
 Karel Bruckner - “We know he has started the season in excellent form with Hearts and we would like to take a closer look at Rudi in the international set-up.”
 Karel Bruckner - “Please write down, 'Italy is the favorite.”
 Karel Bruckner - “I can tell you that the starting lineup will be very different this time.”
 Karel Bruckner - “It wasn't a problem for us to score three times against the Dutch. It was a problem not to concede more than twice.”
 Karel Bruckner - “Nothing but victory would've worked for us, and we got it.”
 Karel Bruckner - “The team's performance, mainly in the second half, was affected by the absence of eight regular players. It was evident most in the defense. But they will learn from their mistakes.”
 Anton Bruckner - “Ludwig Speidel commenting on the music of Anton Bruckner It is no common mortal who speaks to us in this music.”