My Favorite Quotes
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 Rich Bruneau - “If he plays to his potential, I know he's worked hard to improve his game, we won't be any weaker than last year. We're counting on him to round out the starting five.”
 Rich Bruneau - “We're very much a team and that's how we won the state championship last year. If these guys improve at all we're going to be in good shape.”
 Rich Bruneau - “It's that time of year again.”
 Rich Bruneau - “No matter how you look at it, it was a team victory. Even though it's often seen as an individual sport these guys did it as a team.”
 Rich Bruneau - “Both his game and his poise and maturity on the course were critical to our success last year and we expect more of the same this year. He doesn't let one shot mess him up.”