My Favorite Quotes
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 Katie Brunelle - “We knew coming into the game that it wasn't going to affect anything. We already had second place locked up. So we're going to take some time off and sit back and think about what we have to do. I think we'll be fine because these girls know that the tournament is a brand new season.”
 Katie Brunelle - “You can't count anyone in our district out, from the top to the bottom anyone can lose on any given night.”
 Katie Brunelle - “The loss is going to make things interesting as far as how the district is going to play out.”
 Katie Brunelle - “I was completely thrilled with how the team responded at Fluvanna. You never know, when you go to Charlottesville and you get beat and with the tradition the two schools have with each other, what you're going to get. The girls came out against Fluvanna and the score was lopsided. Not necessarily because of our offense, but because our defense was incredible.”
 Katie Brunelle - “The win was huge for us. Now we can control our own destiny. That's always important late in the season.”
 Katie Brunelle - “We never quit fighting all night long. We were fighting an uphill battle form the very beginning. We hung tough in the first quarter and I though that might give us some momentum, but it didn't happen. We can blame it on a lot of things but it just didn't happen.”
 Katie Brunelle - “I'm very proud of my team. These kids have meant a lot to Orange County girls basketball.”