My Favorite Quotes
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 Andrew Brunette - “I think they've taken away a little bit of the battles. It's part of hockey. If not, it's kind of roller hockey. Roller hockey, that's not good.”
 Andrew Brunette - “I think they played a great road game. They did everything I'm sure they wanted to do and we didn't do the things we needed to do to win a hockey game.”
 Andrew Brunette - “This is such a tight battle with nine or 10 teams that are neck and neck. Coming home is big for us. We can't afford a letdown. A lot of times when you're on the road for a period of time, you come back and have a letdown for a game or two.”
 Andrew Brunette - “I've played on teams where there were more (injuries). But I don't know if it was so many key players and players that were having good years.”
 Andrew Brunette - “We had to win this one. Everybody knows playoff momentum shifts real quickly. I think we'll wake up (this) morning and take the approach that we have to go in there and win a hockey game.”
 Andrew Brunette - “We have stretches in games where we kind of lose our train our thought, we start opening up and making mistakes in different areas. We really got to make sure that we do the right things for 60 minutes. We had that nice little stretch in January when we did that and were successful.”
 Andrew Brunette - “We got to get back to the way we should be playing. We have to be sharper. They got a few bounces. We are fortunate to be up 3-1. We've just got to play smart.”
 Andrew Brunette - “We've got to get back at it. We've got to get two points on Saturday just to keep pace. Every game is huge. We have to get points in every game we play from here on in. We let one, maybe two, slip away against San Jose, so we have to try to get two back on Saturday.”
 Andrew Brunette - “They had some good chances, but we stopped them. It was a fun game to play.”
 Andrew Brunette - “This game was played in spurts. If we could've kept it tied with five minutes to play, we could've gotten a win tonight.”
 Andrew Brunette - “We had been working a little on that in practice. We talked about it the shift before we went on. We made an adjustment or two and they were a little aggressive, so we thought we would catch them off-guard. Clark snuck down there and snuck one past them.”
 Andrew Brunette - “I think the team that has the best chemistry, plays like a team the most, is going to have the opportunity to win the most games. I don't think teams have the luxury to have more than three stars on a team anymore. I think that's the bottom line.”
 Andrew Brunette - “We have a lot of good character guys in the room that care about winning and care about each other. We have probably five, six, seven, eight nine guys that are like that, so I think we're OK in that department.”
 Andrew Brunette - “We're a pretty resilient group and everybody has chipped in. I think a lot of guys have had career years. Right from training camp I thought we had four lines that could score. We've kind of continued that theme all season. We had a little rough patch in December, but over the last three months we're never out of a hockey game.”
 Andrew Brunette - “As players, I don't think that's any of our business. There's nothing we can do about it. This is between Marian and the Wild organization. It's not between any of the players. We basically come to play and we still have a job to do. The season is not going to stop. We have a job to do and we can't worry about his situation. That's something that he believes in and he's making a stand for it.”
 Andrew Brunette - “It's hard to explain. I guess there are nights when they are going to be called like that, and we didn't make the proper adjustments. Our body positioning wasn't where it needed to be.”