My Favorite Quotes
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 Dwight Brunoehler - “Our protocols already meet or exceed the current European standards and regulations. We commend the European Commission on their forward thinking and proactive approach. This is exactly what the industry needs to secure a stricter set of worldwide guidelines.”
 Dwight Brunoehler - “A bilingual site is essential to this company. In the end, we want to do anything we can to help serve people of all ethnic backgrounds, so that they may have the same opportunity as the Caucasian community to overcome diseases treatable with stem cell applications.”
 Dwight Brunoehler - “We couldn't be happier about the new standards. We believe that this will help define the industry in the European community by making quality and uniformity the priority.”
 Dwight Brunoehler - “The Hispanic community has been seeking a quality informational site dealing with cord blood, and we are thrilled to provide it. Concentrating our efforts in educating the Hispanic community about cord blood donations brings us one step closer in our mission to accommodate anyone in need of a life saving transplant.”
 Dwight Brunoehler - “In our first twelve years, we have seen the industry grow from a vision into a reality. As we look forward, we hope industry growth continues and that cord blood donations become a routine part of delivery.”
 Dwight Brunoehler - “This new discovery gives an indication as to what we have always suspected that cord blood stem cells can differentiate to become all types of cells in the body.”