My Favorite Quotes
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 Bill Brunson - “I can't defend the government in all cases. We are recognizing the individual is deceased.”
 Doyle Brunson - “Super System 2, I try never to play this hand.”
 Bill Brunson - “If you're a married couple filing jointly and the total amount of income is 50,000 or less, then you're good to go. But if that income exceeds that with marital status, no, you wouldn't be able to use free file.”
 Bill Brunson - “We weren't getting the required information from attachments in the past. This will provide additional clarification.”
 Bill Brunson - “Let's say that you decide to electronically file your tax return, but want a paper check issued, you're still cutting your time basically in half by electronically filing your tax return.”
 Rick Brunson - “We're all human beings and we all got feelings. I just felt good about Seattle. They brought me and my wife out there and took us to dinner. No one had ever done that for me before.”
 Rick Brunson - “As a player you like to have a defined role and I am going in there knowing I'll be a backup and I don't have to worry about competing for a starting job or a job, period.”
 Rick Brunson - “I attribute this to working hard and staying with it for all those eight years.”
 Bill Brunson - “In earlier years, only a four-month extension was automatic, but now they have the full sixth months to file. Now they can file for an extension right on our Web site.”
 Rick Brunson - “I tried to come back and see how I felt with some type of pain. When I tore it that was it. I've never had to sit out a long period of time. It's frustrating because I wanted to bring something to this team.”
 Bill Brunson - “Sometimes we will send notice on items sent in by a third party. There could have been a pension account.”
 Rick Brunson - “Am I ready It's like going into the NBA draft who's ready Who's considered ready You just get in there and you learn on the run.”
 Bill Brunson - “A lot of mine owners mine not only in New Mexico, but in Central America. A revenue agent may be examining books from a foreign country.”
 Doyle Brunson - “I know we'll be able to raise a lot of awareness for an issue that plagues our world and could have devastating consequences down the road if nothing is done.”
 Bill Brunson - “Two common reasons are people have a death or a marriage dissolution and they put taxes on the back burner.”
 Doyle Brunson - “Ninety percent of the hands aren't shown in a poker game.”
 Doyle Brunson - “I still have the mentality of a 19-year-old mind.”
 Doyle Brunson - “A man with money is no match against a man on a mission.”
 Rick Brunson - “I've always wanted to be a coach I never wanted to play basketball professionally. I happened to get lucky and made a career out of it, but my decision was to be a college coach when I was in college. But I got sidetracked with this.”
 Bill Brunson - “If that's still not something you can do, we can work out an installment agreement.”