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 Johan Bruyneel - “This is a transition year, not in terms of being competitive but in going from being Lance's team to being a team without Lance. The goals will remain unchanged. Even without Lance, when I look at the guys here, we have a lot of good bike riders.”
 Johan Bruyneel - “We didn't really look for somebody to replace him. For one, there is nobody - not a strong leader like he was. Without him, we have a very good team, but not the favourites.”
 Johan Bruyneel - “For the first time the entire Tour,”
 Johan Bruyneel - “I'm more satisfied than at this time last year. If I had to give him a mark, it would be B plus.”
 Johan Bruyneel - “We attacked all the time and I think we have to accept we were beaten by a very solid Landis. Floyd was just strong than we expected.”
 Johan Bruyneel - “I'm conscious Lance won seven Tour de France titles and owes a lot to the race. But at the same time, the Tour de France became more important with an American who won seven Tours.”
 Johan Bruyneel - “I'm a little surprised that Lance was ignored like this. He won this race seven times in a row, no one has done this before. The Tour helped him become what he is now.”
 Johan Bruyneel - “It's unbelievable what Lance did today. It's undoubtedly a good operation.”
 Johan Bruyneel - “I think if you have to name five names, as of today, he is one of them.”
 Johan Bruyneel - “Everyone has to judge for themselves, ... Lance realizes where he is now is because of the Tour de France and what the race has given him. I think he's also given a lot back and that the Tour wouldn't be where it is today without a big U.S. champion. It's sad that certain people cannot recognize that.”
 Johan Bruyneel - “It was a very hard stage today. There were four third category climbs in the beginning part but in the last part, it all came back together. We knew it was a good finish for Max as it was slightly uphill at the finish.”
 Johan Bruyneel - “I haven't spoken with him today, but it's nothing new. He started training three weeks ago and it shows he's getting a little bored with being retired.”
 Johan Bruyneel - “This time trial was really the stage that mattered, the real test for us. And from what I saw, we have every reason to be satisfied.”
 Johan Bruyneel - “Without Lance our objectives will change, who will race in what races will change and the plans for the season will change. But we still have a very strong team without him. If you look at our 2005 season and take out what Lance accomplished, basically his Tour victory, this team had an amazing season. It was a season that any team would sign up for before it started.”
 Johan Bruyneel - “We're definitely not going to sit back and watch. Tomorrow and the day after are two hard stages and I think we can still try to do something. We're going to be aggressive.”
 Johan Bruyneel - “The mental damage is going to be worse than the physical damage.”
 Johan Bruyneel - “I feel like with have a really strong team but without Lance, it's going to take some time and some races to get used to him not being here. It will be big challenge for me. I think in a few years we will have another strong leader at the head of this team and I think we have a few that are here now and are ready to step up into that role.”
 Johan Bruyneel - “This year, things were planned a little different. The Tour route is different, with the mountains coming so late, so we are trying to have everyone reach top shape right at the start of the Tour, maybe even a bit later,”
 Johan Bruyneel - “It's good for the motivation of the team. It was good to have him around.”
 Johan Bruyneel - “I walked away a bit angry, but at the same time, and I have to thank the Tour for this we're more driven than ever before. One of the things Lance passed on to me was to find motivation out of unpleasant things. I walked away thinking about how we are going to try to win the Tour next year.”
 Johan Bruyneel - “I think he's been very offended. If you know him, he doesn't need a lot to find some motivation. I think it woke up the competitive side of him.”
 Johan Bruyneel - “I'm not counting out anything. With what's happened in France, he would have a little extra motivation.”
 Johan Bruyneel - “I think he's been very offended. If you know him, he doesn't need a lot to find some motivation. I think it woke up the competitive side of him. Physically and mentally he can deal with a lot.”
 Johan Bruyneel - “I think he's been very offended, ... If you know him, he doesn't need a lot to find some motivation. I think it woke up the competitive side of him.”
 Johan Bruyneel - “his two wins in Benelux were nice but this is something else. It's great for his morale and for the team's morale. Before the race began, I stated our goal is to win two stages. It's not easy to win but hopefully we can fulfil the goal.”

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