My Favorite Quotes
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 Sen Bryan - “What good is a promise to fund a program in the future (when) these same people won't comply with existing law and fund the program now.”
 Mike Bryan - “The Tour just doesn't seem to give (doubles) enough respect because tournament directors are trying to save money. But we're just going to keep fighting.”
 Bob Bryan - “Massu and (Fernando) Gonzalez who like to stay back on the baseline. They serve and even stay back. Obviously, grass is the best situation for us it puts them at a little bit of a disadvantage and we'd be hitting a lot of volleys and turn it into an aerial battle, which I think we could win.”
 Bob Bryan - “We were down break points pretty much every game in the third. It was just pure relief and happiness and excitement at the end.”
 Wayne Bryan - “We hate this battle. But we felt we had to do something.”
 William Bryan - “Eloquent speech is not from lip to ear, but rather from heart to heart.”
 John Bryan - “I'm really disappointed. I like the idea of voting for the person, not the party.”
 Bob Bryan - “There's so many good teams. This tennis is so even. I feel fortunate for every one of these we win. To put four in a row together, that seems pretty impossible.”
 Copeland Bryan - “We watched a lot of film on them, and they're not doing anything we haven't already seen this late in the season. We're making adjustments to correct the mistakes we've made in the past.”
 William Bryan - “I hope the two wings of the Democratic Party may flap together.”
 Bob Bryan - “I thought I was serving really well. I knew when I was getting my first serve in, I wasn't losing any points. I looked a little off on the match point.”
 Mike Bryan - “I thought we were fairly sharp. We haven't been practicing too much this week because we've been resting...This bodes well for Indian Wells.”
 Bob Bryan - “We were feeling euphoric and light headed. I was wondering what the deal was. Everyone's ears were popping, popping, popping, so we thought that was a little weird. Then the pilot turned around and said we'd have to take the plane down to 4,000 feet. The pilot later said that if we had kept rising we all could have passed out. It could have been a Payne Stewart situation .”
 Mark Bryan - “Coming home this time, in this manner, not only is their past brand new, so are they.”
 John Bryan - “If they want to do this, that's fine. But I don't think it's catastrophic that it hasn't been there the whole time.”
 Jeremy Bryan - “This is what I want. This is what I need. This will get me ready for the Olympic time. It's going to be a good experience for me. I'll learn about the international rules. I'm just going to learn from everything I go through there. I'm going to try to do my best down there, just give 100 percent.”
 Carolyn Bryan - “Certainly in this day and age, with the changes in society, there is at times fast driving. Sure, they run the stop sign, but where don't they run the stop sign from time to time”
 Bob Bryan - “That would have been like a for-sure title.”
 Bob Bryan - “Every goal that we wanted to accomplish, we accomplished. Besides, we'll come out and have another shot at a U.S. Open title. It's gonna feel good.”
 Mike Bryan - “Everything is going our way at the moment. I think we're playing the best tennis of our careers and we're going to try to keep riding the wave. We made the final here in 2003 and it would be great to win the title this time around.”
 William Bryan - “The temptation was an absolute truth and the serpent was the tempter. For his insolence the snake was punished and condemned to crawl on its belly forever.”
 Mike Bryan - “Our backs are against the wall right now. If we don't unite, there might not be a game of doubles.”
 Bob Bryan - “We became competitors, but we didn't compete against each other. And we didn't become rivals like a lot of brothers do. We love playing doubles together where we can share the victory.”
 Bob Bryan - “It's not as sweet (as a regular victory), but we'll take it.”
 Sen Bryan - “I just don't see how anyone can find it in his heart to vote to keep such a high tax on food to keep a low tax on cigarettes.”

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