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 Michael Bryant - “If we can get a gun or two or three off the streets, in terms of human misery prevented, the gains are immeasurable,”
 Kobe Bryant - “Very surprised. Shocked actually. Very, very surprised. I've been hit with a couple of flagrant fouls already this year. I've been hit with a clothesline and no suspensions come of that. And I get two games for this”
 Chris Bryant - “This win is big because on spring break we have had a history of not playing well. I told them this week, though, that we need to win our spring break games.”
 Lamont Bryant - “We wanted to give other teams another look. Teams also come into games focusing on Patrick. We wanted to see what they could do without him in the game.”
 Jeff Bryant - “Our seniors have been very positive role models for our younger players. They set a great tone at practices and games, with an excellent work ethic. They've shown our younger players what it takes to succeed at this level.”
 Steve Bryant - “We'll take it day by day (after the holiday) and see how the fuel situation looks. (Canceling games) might be a possibility, but hopefully we'll see some relief.”
 Kobe Bryant - “This is Generation Next coming up to see the game, appreciate the game and know what it's about.”
 Diane Bryant - “We are aggressively driving the transformation to an entire new generation of multi-core servers,”
 William Cullen Bryant - “So gentle and so beautiful, should perish with the flowers.”
 Tim Bryant - “It's hard enough to play one girl that's 6-foot-2, but two girls. They were tough for us to match up with.”
 John Bryant - “It is a little chillier than back at home. But, we are all excited to be here and to try to win the tournament. It's a new season for us and we are going to give it our best shot.”
 Kobe Bryant - “You give us two or three days in the playoffs to prepare for a team, study them and break them down, and we'll see. That's what he lives for. That's what the system is all about.”
 Anita Bryant - “If gays are granted rights, next we'll have to give rights to prostitutes and to people who sleep with St. Bernards and to nailbiters.”
 Chris Bryant - “I got onto them after last game after (the Rebels gave) up five goals. ...We had been one of the best defenses in the district (before that). They played well (Monday).”
 Cedric Bryant - “A trainer needs to be an effective listener. They should treat you as an individual and ask a lot of questions about you your likes, dislikes, and goals. If they don't take the time to understand you as a unique individual, they'll end up giving you a cookie-cutter training approach.”
 Kobe Bryant - “It's a huge honor. I'm very proud to be a part of the team and us trying to gain back what we feel is ours -- and that's the gold medal.”
 Michael Bryant - “Normally it wouldn't be a good thing for an attorney general to have a professional defamer as a brother-in-law. But I am so delighted for him. He is a great Canadian success story.”
 Kobe Bryant - “It feels good to be mentioned among the elite players who have ever played the game.”
 Michael Bryant - “Ontario, therefore urges the federal government, in consultation with the provinces and territories, to undertake an immediate high priority review of the current firearms provisions in the Criminal Code as set out in this paper.”
 Bill Bryant - “We have no moisture, we have no grass, the hay is burnt up. What do you do I'm numb.”
 William Cullen Bryant - “Another hand thy sword shall wield,Another hand the standard wave,Till from the trumpet's mouth is pealedThe blast of triumph o'er thy grave.”
 William Cullen Bryant - “Another hand thy sword shall wield, Another hand the standard wave, Till from the trumpet's mouth is pealed The blast of triumph o'er thy grave.”
 Raymond Bryant - “My sense is that we're sitting among greatness, and your proudest accomplishments have not yet occurred.”
 Andy Bryant - “For the full year of 2002, we continue to expect a second half that is seasonally stronger than the first, but have tempered our expectations for growth.”
 Andy Bryant - “Growth is led by mobile computing with good demand for our mobile processors in all geographies.”

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