My Favorite Quotes
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 Ben Bucca - “This match was just as close and exciting. We needed to win our last two matches like last time, and Katrina Elder-Bush and Dana Gordon won.”
 Ben Bucca - “Everyone pitched in for us. To pull out a match on the road, a match that could easily have gone either way, it's huge for us. I think it says something about our team, to travel all this way and pull one out like this.”
 Ben Bucca - “I've been with the program for six years. We've had depth before, but this is the first time we are playing with strength at the top.”
 Ben Bucca - “This was the closest tennis match I have been involved in in six years. A couple points here and there, and it could have gone the other way.”
 Ben Bucca - “After a tough loss at Princeton, we really rebounded. There was a lot of excitement, a lot of energy in the air, and there were a lot of fans out. A lot of friends of the team showed their support at home.”
 Ben Bucca - “It's just a lot of hard work from the girls. They are supporting one another, which promotes an environment that lets them play their best tennis.”
 Ben Bucca - “It was the only time in my three-year head coaching career where singles was split, and we didn't win doubles. The girls came back from disappointment to play hard in singles. We almost pulled it out.”
 Ben Bucca - “We played to the level of our seeding. We had some close matches we lost with both St. John's and Syracuse - that was a disappointment for the team.”
 Ben Bucca - “If she was hampered by the injury, she displayed the courage not to show it.”
 Ben Bucca - “They're number two in the country for a good reason.”
 Ben Bucca - “The competition is tough down here. Winning doubles is very important.”