My Favorite Quotes
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 Robert Weisbuch - “I'll give you an example from my own career, ... When I was teaching at the University of Michigan, if I heard a PhD student of mine was considering a career as a high school teacher, I'd have said, 'What a waste of our resources.' Now I'd say what a great idea I thought it was.”
 Karl Buch - “It's almost overwhelming, the number of people who have come by to help. People have literally come out of the woodwork to help. Of course, if it was the other way around, we'd be right there to help. It's just strange to be on the receiving end of it.”
 Jeff Buch - “We've had discussions with a number of different communities and entities about building a new arena. And while there's no timetable, I can tell you that if we were at this stage two years ago, I'd have been thrilled then. That's how far along we are in the process.”
 Karl Buch - “It doesn't look that bad from the outside. But inside, the water damage is incredible. The fire department was just awesome. After the fire was out, they went in and pulled down family pictures and moved wood furniture to less wet places and put tarps over it.”
 Robert Weisbuch - “We all want to have a community that is a nationally-known model for diversity, ... We have a ways to go.”
 Karl Buch - “We went to church Sunday morning, because that's our home, too.”
 Jeff Buch - “Anyone who was there for those series can tell you what an electric atmosphere it was. The fans are right on top of the action. It's fun, it's loud, it's exciting and it's an intimidating place for opponents to play. We plan to capture that kind of environment again.”