My Favorite Quotes
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 Georg Buchner - “Your words smell of corpses.”
 Georg Buchner - “Whoever finishes a revolution only halfway, digs his own grave.”
 Georg Buchner - “We have not made the Revolution, the Revolution has made us.”
 Georg Buchner - “We are always on stage, even when we are stabbed in earnest at the end.”
 Georg Buchner - “There are only Epicureans, either crude or refined Christ was the most refined.”
 Georg Buchner - “The strides of humanity are slow, they can only be counted in centuries.”
 Georg Buchner - “The statue of Freedom has not been cast yet, the furnace is hot, we can all still burn our fingers.”
 Georg Buchner - “The power of the people and the power of reason are one.”
 Georg Buchner - “The life of the wealthy is one long Sunday.”
 Georg Buchner - “Revolution is like the daughters of Pelias it cuts humanity to pieces in order to rejuvenate it.”
 Georg Buchner - “Love is a peculiar thing.”
 Georg Buchner - “Dying people often become childish.”
 Georg Buchner - “The revolutionary government is the despotism of liberty against tyranny.”
 Georg Buchner - “One must love humanity in order to reach out into the unique essence of each individual no one can be too low or too ugly.”
 Georg Buchner - “We are only puppets, our strings are being pulled by unknown forces.”
 Georg Buchner - “The weapon of the Republic is terror, and virtue is its strength.”
 Georg Buchner - “You women could make someone fall in love even with a lie.”
 Georg Buchner - “How many women does one need to sing the scale of love all the way up and down”
 Georg Buchner - “That is a long word forever”
 Georg Buchner - “The stars are scattered all over the sky like shimmering tears, there must be great pain in the eye from which they trickled.”
 Georg Buchner - “Murder begins where self-defense ends.”
 Georg Buchner - “They say in the grave there is peace, and peace and the grave are one and the same.”
 Georg Buchner - “Peace to the shacks War on the palaces”
 Georg Buchner - “The breath of an aristocrat is the death rattle of freedom.”
 Georg Buchner - “Death is the most blessed dream.”

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