My Favorite Quotes
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 Kevin Buckler - “Paul did a great job to get the first pole for the GTO.R. He was able to pull it out at the last moment by a tenth. Marc did a good job in the 65 car he and Andy are taking a measured approach to these weekends and are a definite factor for the GT series championship.”
 Kevin Buckler - “The GTO.R gets better every time we take it on the track. The team gets more familiar with the car and the crew gets more attuned as well. The car will run the long course for the first time, so we will have a little more work than the rest of the field, but we should be right up there by race day.”
 Kevin Buckler - “The Daytona Prototypes keep showing improvement every race. We have led the most laps all season and are a threat to win each race. We have one victory, but the team is hungry for more. Mid-Ohio is a driver's track and we have four good ones, so we are looking for good things next week.”
 Sandra Buckler - “So we appreciate when the president used the word 'negotiate' that that might mislead people, so to clarify people it's to task our people to work up options, and that's all that's happening.”
 Kevin Buckler - “Steve and Robert did a good job today. We brought them in for a pit stop just two laps before the yellow, but there was no way to know what was going to happen. Both guys never really put a wheel wrong all race. We have some work to do on the handling, but it was a positive weekend for the Porsche guys.”
 Sandra Buckler - “There's a natural pursuit of elected officials which I think is healthy and normal.”
 Sandra Buckler - “There's no deal. When there is a deal, if there is a deal, we'll be happy to share the news.”
 Kevin Buckler - “I've wanted to do something like this for a long time it's special to win two top race classes in one weekend.”
 Sandra Buckler - “It was children trying to give the prime minister flowers.”
 Kevin Buckler - “Marc did a great job in qualifying. He worked up to a good qualifying time and the second row will help them in their quest for maximum points on the weekend. Paul put the car solidly on the front row. He and Jan really get down to business. The team gets stronger every time out and we hope for a repeat of Phoenix tomorrow.”
 Kevin Buckler - “That was the most expensive bowl of onion soup I ever bought.”
 Kevin Buckler - “Steve and Robert know their way around Mexico City. We will have a little tuning to do with the new 997 and the wider front tires, but with their knowledge of the layout and our handle on the new car we should be ahead of the other competitors that are running for the first time. The two have a good head of steam in the championship after just nearly missing the podium at Daytona.”
 Kevin Buckler - “We are putting our focus behind Marc and Andy for the championship. Paul and Jan will be supporting them as much as possible throughout the rest of the season. We would like to take the lead in the points and go into Mexico ahead. Mexico will be a bit of an unknown to everyone.”