My Favorite Quotes
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 William Buckley - “Liberals claim to want to give a hearing to other views, but then are shocked and offended to discover that there are other views.”
 James Buckley - “We're protecting this like a bar of gold. This studio is a shining light in Watts.”
 John Buckley - “Microsoft's message to consumers, PC makers and the government is We own the desktop, and there's nothing you can do about it,”
 George Buckley - “Price growth is on a softening trend and we continue to believe that the outlook for the housing market over the medium term is one of flat to falling prices.”
 George Buckley - “The prospects for a rate cut have certainly increased. You have weaker inflation and in addition there are risks to gross domestic product growth.”
 James Buckley - “The market has kept pace with earnings growth, so the market hasn't been particularly re-rated.”
 Keith Buckley - “We've taken a potentially life-saving idea, applied our proprietary technology, and developed mobile phone- and Web-based software called ICE First to store and automatically update emergency contact and medical information. ICE First puts medical and emergency preparedness in the palm of your hand.”
 James Buckley - “Ballet is just a vocabulary like English. Most classical ballets emphasize how high a woman can hold her leg, how skinny she is and all the tricks she can do. She may not ever have to express anything but extreme happiness or sadness. These ballets rarely interpret life. They are fables with princesses and fairies.”
 Kelly Buckley - “I wish people knew how much she put her whole heart into this.”
 Brian Buckley - “I think last year we only had one first place and for Justin to be MVP of the league and the conference meet, that's the highest honor we can receive. It's just amazing what an asset the Brooks brothers have been to the program.”
 Carol Buckley - “We had to build a new barn and new fencing and be ready to house and feed guests who eat an awful lot and are coming to stay.”
 William Buckley - “It seems to me that the idea traditionally defended of endeavoring to maintain existing ethnic balances simply doesn't work any more.”
 Michael Buckley - “He has never given anybody any reason to believe from his performance and his job until now that he was an unusual individual in any way.”
 Mary Buckley - “So many of these information systems really fit with each other.”
 David Buckley - “We've focused on being able to detect low wavelength light so this machine is able to see things other telescopes can't.”
 Pat Buckley - “The only sexual act that is sinful is the one that uses or abuses.”
 Pat Buckley - “Religion can be both good and bad - it is spirituality that counts.”
 Pat Buckley - “No man is infallible.”
 Pat Buckley - “I hold that religion and faith are two different things.”
 Pat Buckley - “I believe that there may be intelligent life on other planets.”
 Pat Buckley - “I believe that the whole human race is the family of God.”
 Pat Buckley - “I believe that life is a journey towards God, and that no one has the right to insist that you go a certain road.”
 Pat Buckley - “I believe that God and reality are too big for my poor words.”
 Pat Buckley - “I believe in the power of weakness.”
 Pat Buckley - “I believe in the freedom of God's sons and daughters.”

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