My Favorite Quotes
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 Robert Bucksbaum - “I get up in front of audiences and do a drawing. Some days I give away t-shirts. Usually it's 20 cash.”
 Robert Bucksbaum - “Phantom Menace, ... disprove the theory that a Memorial Day release is the save-all of the industry.”
 Robert Bucksbaum - “petrified of television. They thought it was going to be the end of their industry.”
 Robert Bucksbaum - “If you've got the choice between taking the kids out, getting a babysitter, and paying 50 for a movie or paying 3 for a rental or maybe 20 to buy the movie on DVD, why would you rush out to a theater”
 Robert Bucksbaum - “It's more than a gold mine - it's an untapped diamond mine. China is by far the most lucrative frontier for the American film market. Once they open the floodgates, the potential and the growth that we will be seeing in the film business will be enormous.”
 Robert Bucksbaum - “I'm not worried at all. There's a very good, diverse balance of films this summer. Long term, I'm a bit more worried.”
 Robert Bucksbaum - “Fewer films are going to be marketed solely to that audience. The new demographic is the elderly, families and people on dates. I'm heartened to see there are 10 animated movies this year. I think 2006 is going to see the beginning of that shift.”
 Robert Bucksbaum - “I detest having to go to a theater and sit through 20 minutes of advertising. But it's definitely the wave of the future.”