My Favorite Quotes
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 Peter Takirambudde - “The Sudanese government needs to bring war criminals to justice, not recruit them into positions of responsibility.”
 Peter Takirambudde - “People are being terrorized by federal police working hand-in-glove with local officials and militias.”
 Paul Budde - “To use Macquarie's own words, I'd like to see factual information from Macquarie why these issues are lies, incorrect or misleading.”
 Neil Budde - “There is not just one preferred source at one time during the day.”
 Peter Takirambudde - “The United Nations and the African Union should address the human cost of allowing impunity to flourish in Cte d'Ivoire.”
 Peter Takirambudde - “The violence in Cte d'Ivoire this week highlights why the Security Council must boost the U.N. peacekeeping force and activate travel and economic sanctions on human rights abusers authorized under relevant Security Council Resolutions. U.N. peacekeepers must act proactively to protect civilians and return as soon as possible to the affected areas so that vulnerable populations are protected.”
 Peter Takirambudde - “The Ethiopian government is violently suppressing any form of protest and punishing suspected opposition supporters.”
 Neil Budde - “Part of what is so exciting about a news magazine like '60 Minutes' is they have access to some really interesting people.”
 Neil Budde - “We continuously update the news.”
 Neil Budde - “That was the genesis of the full coverage of Yahoo News.”
 Neil Budde - “At Yahoo News, you're working with a lot of information that's widely distributed through different channels.”
 Peter Takirambudde - “African leaders must put all possible pressure on the Sudanese government to stop impeding the effective operation of AMIS. The Sudanese government's continued attacks on civilians merit a tougher response from the African Union.”
 Paul Budde - “Telstra believes it can be everything to everybody and therefore it isn't doing anything properly. If you put such a lot on your plate the best become mediocre in everything you do but you can't be a specialist.”
 Peter Takirambudde - “The Ethiopian government is violently suppressing any form of protest and punishing suspected opposition supporters. Donor governments should insist on an independent, credible investigation into abuses by federal police and local officials in rural as well as urban areas.”
 Neil Budde - “You get a little more of the personality. It worked really well online to be able to capture some of that additional material.”
 Paul Budde - “This will simply mean more delays. When you have this hanging over your head how can you do things like due diligence Nobody will sign off on this when it is still up in the air.”
 Peter Takirambudde - “The strategy of putting justice on hold for an elusive peace settlement has emboldened human rights abusers on both sides of the conflict. This approach has fueled a pervasive culture of impunity that has led to ever-increasing acts of violence against civilians.”
 Paul Budde - “a black day for competition in Australia.”
 Paul Budde - “This has nothing to do with government policy, this has nothing to do with regulation, this is technology, ... The reason why Australia is so late in actually changing to lower margins is because of the fact that there hasn't been any competition.”
 Peter Takirambudde - “This is no random attack. This is the result of months of preparation by Sudanese officials and coordination with militias.”
 Peter Takirambudde - “Rebel and government commanders alike must order their forces to protect all civilians, regardless of ethnicity. Attacking civilians and targeting ethnic groups are forbidden under the laws of war.”