My Favorite Quotes
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 Michael Budman - “White is very popular in Italy, and the U.S. wore it in '56.”
 Michael Budman - “At the Super Bowl, fans wear the quarterback's jersey. For better or worse, that's what our culture is based on now.”
 Michael Budman - “I have never been in a stadium where I felt that kind of emotional connection between a crowd and the ceremony. All hell broke loose as far as the demand for all of the Olympics product, especially the beret.”
 Michael Budman - “Everyone else is trying to jump your claim. We did a great job for the team and generated millions for the Canadian Olympic Committee.”
 Michael Budman - “Roots gift cards provide our customers with a fun, easy-to-select gift for all occasions and for all types of friends and family, and since their arrival last fall they've been flying off the shelves. Not only can the gift card be used in Roots stores, but customers can register their gift card online at roots.com to protect the balance in the event the gift card is lost or stolen, as well as check the remaining balance at any time.”
 Michael Budman - “We've had the biggest hits in the history of sports marketing with the U.S. Olympic apparel and the Canadian Olympic apparel. It's obviously ingrained in the public consciousness.”
 Michael Budman - “Wayne is a natural leader of the Roots athletics team, Team Roots, and a great ambassador for our company. Both on and off the ice, he exemplifies the best of Canada and the Canadian and Olympic heritage of Roots.”
 Michael Budman - “We have absolutely no doubts about this deal. We stand behind Wayne Gretzky 100 percent. He's been a great ambassador for Canada, for hockey and for the Olympics.”