My Favorite Quotes
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 Jerry Buescher - “I thought Dane Hughes played a very good ballgame. Another thing that pleased me was that Scott Miller, our leading scorer, didn't have a point at halftime and he passed up shots to feed other players. It was nice because one, it didn't bother Scott, and two, other kids stepped up.”
 Jerry Buescher - “I thought overall, it was an excellent performance. I thought our shot selection in the first half was very, very good.”
 Jerry Buescher - “This was a quality win for us, it really was. They're probably the quickest team we've played this year and I thought we handled their pressure real well.”
 Jerry Buescher - “Offensively, we did too much dribbling and too much one-on-one stuff, and we're not good enough one-on-one to beat people.”
 Jerry Buescher - “The last thing we said before we left the locker room before the game was, '(Arnold) can really shoot the ball -- don't let him stand and shoot,' and he scored 22 in the first half. We tried both (Eddie) Mulholland and Scott Miller on him, and both those guys play good defense.”
 Jerry Buescher - “For us to be good, we have to shoot a lot better than that, but I just thought we didn't play with compassion and the emotion we needed to have to play with Blue Springs South.”
 Jerry Buescher - “In all fairness, if Blue Springs South played like they're capable and we play like we're capable, we'd still have trouble beating them. ... As a group, I just don't think we played as hard as we need to play to be good.”