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 Bill Buff - “Major bottlenecks ... have grown by 40 percent -- up from 167 bottlenecks to 233 bottlenecks over the past five years.”
 Bill Buff - “The good news is, there are a number of success stories -- major bottlenecks we identified in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and Denver, Colorado, and in Houston, Texas, that aren't on our ranking anymore thanks to improvement projects.”
 Bill Buff - “What this study really shows is that there's hope for curing congestion. Sometimes there seems to be this myth that we're just stuck and there's nothing we can do to improve it. If you focus on these choke points -- which are a significant cause of area-wide congestion -- unclog these bottlenecks you can see major benefits across the nation.”
 Bill Buff - “Congress, this month, has been debating long overdue highway legislation and we're urging them to end the debate and pass a new six-year highway bill that will dedicate significant funding to fixing these choke points.”
 Bill Buff - “Surprisingly, one in Providence, Rhode Island, just shows that big-time congestion can come to small and medium size cities. In addition, Tampa, Florida San Jose, California Las Vegas, Nevada San Diego, California and Cincinnati, Ohio are all new to the top ranking this year.”