My Favorite Quotes
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 Joe Bugel - “We didn't play our best ball, ... but we just played with a lot of heart.”
 Joe Bugel - “He's isolated out there, like 'Gilligan' on the island. It's such a grabby game these days, and he can't play it. But I'll say this I think he's turned into a pretty good double-clubber.”
 Joe Bugel - “It's time for him to start playing football.”
 Joe Bugel - “We need to get the ball to Cooley more, ... because he's a big-play receiver, especially down in the red area. But we haven't spent too much time in that area the last couple of weeks. We'd like to get down there more often, because how many 70- and 80-yard touchdowns are you going to throw each week We'd like to say two or three, but, yeah, we need to get more people involved, especially Cooley.”
 Joe Bugel - “That was big time there. I thought he got hurt.”
 Joe Bugel - “I tell you, my wife and I can't be happier (to be back). And I know we're going to stay here until we get this program resolved and back to the Super Bowl.”
 Joe Bugel - “He is one of the most enjoyable players to coach because he doesn't mind being criticized. He wants to be told what he's doing wrong. He doesn't want you to be his friend. He wants you to be his coach.”
 Joe Bugel - “Free agency is different. The first time we had those kids for 13 years, you know. Same team, same faces, you know. We have some good, young kids. It's just a matter of how fast they develop.”
 Joe Bugel - “We never want that. You can't afford to let the quarterback get hit in this league anymore. You see how many quarterbacks are down in the league right now. People are losing two at a time like the Jets, so it's a top priority, high priority. If we're not on top of our game, if we're not moving our feet and working our hands, a disaster can happen, because you're going against good players every week.”
 Joe Bugel - “Believe it or not, he was here seven days a week, ... We'd come in on Sundays, and he'd be on that treadmill. And he'd say, 'I'm going to show you, coach. I deserve that money.'”
 Joe Bugel - “As soon as I approached him he said, 'Don't worry, I'll be okay,' ... He didn't want any sympathy. He wants you to think he won't miss a beat. Not many guys would be able to play, let alone practice.”
 Joe Bugel - “You know that's always going to be tough, because we're taking a running back and moving him up to a tight end position. He's coming on, but he's still light years away and it's going to be hard work to make it up in the next three weeks.”
 Joe Bugel - “I think the fans had visions of us going to the Super Bowl this year. So I think it's kind of been a lot of disappointment for a lot of people. But we'll see how we pull out of this.”
 Joe Bugel - “Dock's a different man now. He plays at a very high level now. He has bought into everything and he's playing explosively. At 345 pounds, you need to knock people around.”
 Joe Bugel - “He's a mean dude. He'll attack you. You don't have to worry about him holding the flank and blocking for our receivers. I'll tell you what, he's the best without the football we've had. When he doesn't have the ball, he's a raving maniac, and you don't see that too much in the NFL.”
 Joe Bugel - “A lot of times it's appearance, how a guy looks. Is his shirt tucked in, what kind of socks he wears, how he walks. That's very, very important. Because you're being evaluated every minute of the day. Every time you're walking through the lobby, someone is watching you. Because we're talking a lot of money, a very important decision.”
 Joe Bugel - “We're struggling a lot. This is probably the lowest we've ever been as a staff. Our guys practice hard. We just can't make a play. We can't score a touchdown for some reason. We're just inept down there. I think we realize we have work ahead of us.”