My Favorite Quotes
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 Raziq Bugti - “An anti-tank mine was planted in a stream and when the vehicle crossed the water there was a very heavy blast.”
 Raziq Bugti - “There are still some bodies lying under the water but we are facing problems in retrieving them because they are traditional people who do not want unknown males to touch the bodies of their women.”
 Raziq Bugti - “The number of casualties and the damage suggest that there could have been more than one landmine but we have not confirmed that at this stage.”
 Raziq Bugti - “There were women and children in the vehicle and we are trying to get details of how many.”
 Raziq Bugti - “We believe 20 of the dead were women and children, six were men and another is unknown. It is difficult to get the exact toll because many of the bodies were blown to pieces.”