My Favorite Quotes
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 Jeff Buhrman - “The musical allows you to be transported to a different place, a place often fun and beautiful. It takes your imagination to different levels.”
 Jeff Buhrman - “When you think about musical theater, the influence of gays and lesbians is profound.”
 Jeff Buhrman - “Our audiences want to be entertained. They want us to do all different types of music in all different styles while affirming gay people in our society. So when we pick material like this, it's not only an affirmation of Broadway, but an affirmation of gay people.”
 Jeff Buhrman - “How fitting at this time to ponder the meaning of marriage and relationship.”
 Jeff Buhrman - “We decided to take the one art form that was created in this country -- the Broadway musical -- and celebrate the fact that there have been many gay men who have moved the art form forward since the beginning of the 20th century.”
 Jeff Buhrman - “There's a great variety in the action on the stage. It needs to be visual as well as aural. You can add greater dimension to a concert.”