My Favorite Quotes
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 Elissa Buie - “They made a bundle of money and then it died out,”
 Elissa Buie - “Once you have verified credentials and experience, it comes down to the issue of a personality match, ... You should pick the one with whom you can be the most honest and open with. You need to deal with someone who makes you comfortable.”
 Elissa Buie - “When you take on debt, you increase your risk, but you also increase your return,”
 Elissa Buie - “I see very little other sources of financial catastrophe than credit-card debt,”
 Elissa Buie - “Method of payment is really a personal preference, ... The issue comes down to competency and disclosure. If an advisor discloses all conflicts of interests, the client should have sufficient information to make a decision. Everyone has conflicts of interest. Simply being compensated by fee does not remove conflict of interest.”