My Favorite Quotes
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 Jason Bumblis - “We like to move the ball around. We thought they'd come out in a zone, so we just moved the ball around the perimeter and got open looks.”
 Jason Bumblis - “Metcalf just didn't have a good night. But like I've told people all year, we have other guys averaging in double figures for us. Those guys stepped up tonight. Everybody did what they've been doing all year.”
 Jason Bumblis - “We don't have a lot of size. We can't control how tall we are, but we can control how well conditioned we are.”
 Jason Bumblis - “It was kind of the same thing that happened against Duquesne. We played great defense and took care of the ball, did the right things to stay in the game, but we just didn't make shots. It's a simple game. If you don't do that, it doesn't matter what else you do.”
 Jason Bumblis - “They're a very good team. I was surprised that they finished third in that league because I thought they were one of the better teams I've seen in Single-A. They have some very good athletes and they're well-coached. They're not your typical third-place basketball team, that's for sure.”
 Jason Bumblis - “We knew he would have a little bit of jitters because he needed 14 points to get 1,000. He didn't have a good shooting game. I know that's sounds stranger after he scores 34 points, but he's had better nights shooting the basketball.”
 Jason Bumblis - “We've tried to jump ahead of teams early to get our confidence and maybe shake the other team's. But Duquesne believes they're the best team every year, so we know they'll have their confidence.”