My Favorite Quotes
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 Inayat Bunglawala - “The US government needs to demonstrate that it is prepared to be more even-handed in its relations with Muslims and Muslim countries.”
 Inayat Bunglawala - “He has been doing so at regular intervals and has miserably failed every time.”
 Inayat Bunglawala - “We are not at all satisfied with Mike Robinson's response and will be taking this up further by writing to the BBC Editorial Complaints Unit.”
 Inayat Bunglawala - “This man has never set foot in the United States he has lived in Britain his whole life. If he has done something wrong, this is where he should be put on trial.”
 Inayat Bunglawala - “Those comments were made some 12 or 13 years ago. All of us may hold opinions which are objectionable, but they change over time. I certainly would not defend those comments today.”
 Inayat Bunglawala - “Most of Europe would not dare mock the Holocaust, and rightly so. Newspaper editors exercise good judgment every day when it comes to printing material so as not to cause offense, so why not on this occasion”
 Inayat Bunglawala - “These newspaper editors should have exercised better judgment. This situation is ripe for exploitation by extremists.”
 Inayat Bunglawala - “We are especially concerned that senior Islamic scholars will be barred from the UK purely on the basis of media witch-hunts orchestrated by pro-Israeli elements,”
 Inayat Bunglawala - “You could almost hear a collective sigh of relief when he left the country.”
 Inayat Bunglawala - “This clear flaunting of Islamic Law by displaying pictures of scantily clad women will only add fuel to sentiments that the U.S. is trying to undermine Muslim culture in Iraq. It risks alienating the actual population.”
 Inayat Bunglawala - “The placards that were on display were quite disgraceful and in our opinion seemed to constitute a clear incitement to violence, even murder.”
 Inayat Bunglawala - “We can look back on a historical event from 60 years ago and condemn that unreservedly. And yet we are not facing up to what we're seeing before our own eyes today. We're turning a blind eye to that and that's unacceptable.”
 Inayat Bunglawala - “This is a very delicate situation which is ripe for exploitation. This plays into the hands of Muslim extremists. Many people at Friday prayers will want to express their anger, but we say do it within the law.”
 Inayat Bunglawala - “I think this type of activity by U.S. forces will only further anger the Muslim population of Iraq,”
 Inayat Bunglawala - “This particular U.S. administration has upset many Muslims in the UK and around the world ... so it is not particularly surprising that the visit to a Blackburn mosque has had to be canceled.”