My Favorite Quotes
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 Stephanie Bunker - “People need to distinguish between combatants and those innocent civilians who do not bear arms. They also need to be mindful for protecting assets essential for the survival of Afghan civilians.”
 David Bunker - “We've been waiting for quite some time.”
 David Bunker - “We have had major problems with flooding three times this year. If the development is constructed as planned, the water will have no place to go but to run down the street and into the lake. I'm concerned with land washing away.”
 Stephanie Bunker - “The talks after one day were said to have been extremely delicate and complicated. They focused on a number of different issues concerning U.N. humanitarian operations all over Afghanistan.”
 Archie Bunker - “The only thing that holds a marriage together is the husband being big enough to keep his mouth shut, to step back and see where his wife is wrong.”
 Stephanie Bunker - “We will urge that donors be prepared to go the distance.”
 Stephanie Bunker - “We are looking now at setting up teams in all the surrounding countries, such as Turkmenistan and Iran who will be in a position in safe areas to deliver aid deeper inside the country where people most need it.”
 Stephanie Bunker - “How can we have access to women when the rules state they must not mingle with any men unless they are in the company of a male chaperone”
 Stephanie Bunker - “It is possible that any attempt to communicate with the outside world could put staff at risk of their lives.”
 Stephanie Bunker - “The fact that 80 Member States came to this event and pledged more than 200 million is a very positive development indeed. We very much appreciate the commitment.”
 David Bunker - “They are kind of sending us through a circus ring here. We talked about how important this is.”
 Archie Bunker - “In response to a ridiculous statement by Edith I've gotta quote for you, Edith. --'A bird that always flies in the fog is called a dingbat.'”
 Archie Bunker - “Man was put on this earth to eat meat...The Bible says so dumbbell...I mean look it up will ya All them old bible peoples, they was always eating meet soon as they found out eating apples was wrong...It's true, on special occasions goats and lambs. Who the hell ever hear of sacrificing a head of lettuce You”
 Stephanie Bunker - “Overall the security situation in Mazar remains somewhat unstable. As of this morning, we heard reports that along with occasional looting there is also 'punitive action' that is being carried out. We have also heard that fighting is continuing in and around the city.”