My Favorite Quotes
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 Raymond Bunn - “Obviously when they talk about if we're not going to raise taxes to generate the income, some of the services would need to be cut. I obviously wouldn't be in favor of raising taxes at this time, but we shouldn't say that we never would do that.”
 Davis Bunn - “When it hit, I didn't know if I had a foot. The pain was so intense.”
 Davis Bunn - “There is that desire to go surf the waves by yourself, just you and nature and I will never do it again, never.”
 Raymond Bunn - “I'm still in favor of trying to pick out specific problems that we have and trying to take care of them with an ordinance and an ordinance that will be enforced.”
 Davis Bunn - “There is nothing more silent than an attack at sea.”
 Raymond Bunn - “I don't know how to answer that because I don't know how much money we're going to be working with.”
 Alfred Bunn - “The heart bowed down by weight of woe To weakest hope will cling.”
 Alfred Bunn - “I dreamt that I dwelt in marble halls, With vassals and serfs at my side.”
 Alfred Bunn - “The light of other days is faded, And all their glories past.”