My Favorite Quotes
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 Wally Buono - “I hope we can play better than that. Sometimes the score is distorted. We did what we had to do. We came on the road, we got the win, we protected the quarterback. We did all those things, now we just have to keep it up and get back to work Monday.”
 Wally Buono - “We have to improve in all areas, we can't stay status quo,”
 Wally Buono - “This resolves a big issue that we thought we would have to come to a conclusion on fairly quickly.”
 Wally Buono - “This cap thing is going to take time before you get it in order. Until you take a year or two to weed out guys that are high-end, you're going to stay with the status quo.”
 Wally Buono - “They had the momentum at that time. Was it a good call or a bad call I'm not going to say it was a great call, and I'm not going to criticize it.”
 Wally Buono - “We'd like more production out of a lot of things, our running game is one of them, ... You have to be careful you don't try to do what isn't there. You can try to run the ball 20 times but if you have very little production it doesn't help.”
 Wally Buono - “We have to raise our level of intensity. I think they'll understand. We have to respond and rebound.”
 Wally Buono - “He's a guy worth taking a risk in. We'll bring him in to see where he's at.”
 Wally Buono - “He added a lot of flair and excitement to our organization and we wish him the best.”
 Wally Buono - “We're starting with much better position defensively which gives our offense more opportunity.”
 Wally Buono - “I am getting other calls. There are a number of scenarios we would entertain.”
 Wally Buono - “I wanted to see improvement or we were going to make moves. I said I was not going to be patient with the veterans, the ones who didn't show enough improvement. It's part of why we're 9-0 and other teams aren't. We feel that we made better personnel decisions, for whatever reasons.”
 Wally Buono - “We played hard but we didn't play smart. Chances are running out on us and those guys better understand that.”
 Wally Buono - “It means a guy you might not have got, you'll get. Sometimes the quality of the draft is that fine that one pick higher makes a big, big difference.”
 Wally Buono - “When you look at why this team is 9-0, I don't think it's necessarily because the offense is that much better than it was last year, but I do believe the defense and special teams are better.”
 Wally Buono - “If you want to win, you make calls like that. If you worry about the consequences, you keep on losing.”
 Wally Buono - “Kicking was an area of concern and one way to address it is to get a guy with a proven track record.”
 Wally Buono - “That's something he has to re-earn. He did a great job for us in punting as a field goal kicker he has to grow in that. We're going to bring in more competition, whether that's through the draft or looking at an import.”
 Wally Buono - “Everybody has the same parameters. What we want to do is to maintain a salary structure that's fair and consistent for the football club.”
 Wally Buono - “When we were 11-0 and came here some people thought I was sarcastic when I said I see no benefit in losing, ... I wasn't being sarcastic. One loss leads to two, which leads to three and four ... It's a cycle that is hard to break.”
 Wally Buono - “He's not a baby,”
 Wally Buono - “Being in a position of authority, when you make a decision like that you always have to be willing to accept criticism if it doesn't work. No different than people saying, 'Why did you start this guy Dickenson in the Grey Cup game' You make that decision. If you win, you were right. If you lose, you were wrong. He did what he felt was best for his club. I'm not going to criticize that.”