My Favorite Quotes
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 Ruth Ginsburg - “The state controlling a woman would mean denying her full autonomy and full equality.”
 Donald Smithburg - “We're out of money, roughly after Thanksgiving.”
 Denny Throneburg - “My first thought was this might not be a good day and that thought became true as the day went along.”
 Denny Throneburg - “We got three runs and four hits in the first inning and after that I thought we just participated.”
 Don Eggenburg - “I'm disappointed in some of the kids, but for the most part we wrestled well. I thought there were five or six matches that we could have won.”
 Carl Sandburg - “Life is like an onion you peel it off one layer at a time, and sometimes you weep”
 Denny Throneburg - “We're looking forward to a game. We're hoping to play. It seems like it's been a month. Once you start playing, that's a long time to not be playing.”
 Devorah Goldburg - “Typically, we open a shelter, the hurricane happens, people hang out there maybe a week or so and then everyone goes home. This time, there's nothing to go home to.”
 Donald Smithburg - “Louisiana's public hospital system is on the verge of financial collapse two months after Hurricane Katrina and needs federal aid quickly, the head of the system said. We're out of money, roughly after Thanksgiving, ... We are running out of time.”
 Ross Greenburg - “If I can be blunt, it's just a lack of professionalism. Roy has to be asked, one more time, are you ready to take this (broadcasting) on as a career If you're not, we'll just part ways.”
 Ross Greenburg - “I don't think George is standing in the wings. I don't think George wants to commit himself to a full-time broadcasting job right now.”
 Carl Sandburg - “The machine yes, the machine, never wastes anybody's time, never watches the foreman, never talks back”
 Tony Massenburg - “The 76ers were the worst team in the league. Horrible top-to-bottom. Knowing I wouldn't be there long, I spent a lot of time on South Street and at King of Prussia Mall shopping.”
 Gerard Burg - “There is a bit of a time-lag in all this, but a prolonged cool spell should see a real impact on heating oil stocks, which until now have been robust.”
 Gerard Burg - “If there's significant damage, and flooding persists, then there's every possibility that these refineries could be out for that sort of time. There's a limited extent to which stocks can replace refining production.”
 Dereck Whittenburg - “The only time I thought we didn't have a chance was when No. 42 was sitting on the bench beside me. That's not a good sign.”
 Bill Ginsburg - “The Linda Tripp tapes are just being selectively leaked. It is just unfair and just more of the same unfairness that we have been facing for some time.”
 Tony Massenburg - “I got to know Karl Malone pretty well. We went hunting and snowmobiling a couple of times. He's got a huge ranch compound. It's ridiculous.”
 Andrew Dornenburg - “Follow up two or three times. They'll remember your name when it's time to call back.”
 Larry Sandburg - “We've done that three times now. The only two loses we've had were the other two.”
 Don Smithburg - “Today represents really an historic joining of two public health systems.”
 Sam Warburg - “You want to put yourself in a position to win. I feel like today I did that by playing the big points well.”
 William Ginsburg - “As the saying goes, the ball is still in the air. We're having cordial discussions. We've been together by telephone. and I'm very hopeful we'll continue those today.”
 Dereck Whittenburg - “Psychologically for us, we're the underdog every game. So Xavier (today) will be like playing on the road. We're used to that.”
 Bill Ginsburg - “How far it goes after that with congressional hearings or if there is indeed an indictment, a trial of the matter, I can not predict because I don't know what the charges would be or what the circumstances would be. But I think that Mr. Starr is under considerable pressure to fish or cut bait and I think that he is going to have to decide to do something in May or June at the latest.”

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