My Favorite Quotes
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 Hugo Burge - “That caused such turmoil in the industry. Hopefully they will start to ease. There was a lot of biting the bullet when fuel prices were so high, but 2006 does promise some light at the end of that tunnel.”
 Jonathan Burge - “The charges were ridiculous. The whole theory of the government's case was ridiculous, and I wished they looked at the evidence like I and the jurors did.”
 Doug Burge - “That was a nice job on the boards by our guys. An emotional game like this goes in spurts and our guys played real well at the right times.”
 Doug Burge - “The kids are excited and we're getting a ton of fan support. We're all smiles today.”
 Jonathan Burge - “It's been almost two years he's been under this cloud. To have it lifted, it's brought great relief to him.”
 Hugo Burge - “Meta-search sites are searching in real time, but with a limited number of sites. They can't guarantee the best deal. It's a huge challenge.”
 Christopher Burge - “We had a record number of records.”
 Doug Burge - “We felt all along that Zach would make a good post and, after all, he is the tallest we have. I know he'd probably like to play a little more outside, but he's our guy in there. He's so athletic and he's got a long reach.”
 Doug Burge - “This is a tough loss because the kids wanted it so bad. We actually had them on the ropes a couple times in the first half but couldn't keep the turnovers down. It's a fine line you don't want them tentative and you don't want them throwing the ball away. I'm still real proud of how we played, a lot of desire and heart.”
 Christopher Burge - “It was strong right across the board without being crazy. This is not a market in any way out of control.”
 Hugo Burge - “Comparison shopping is difficult enough. This just seems like a step in the wrong direction. You end up comparing apples and hamburgers.”
 Hugo Burge - “It's the classic cheap-seat-seeker dilemma. Do you wait, or do you buy”
 Doug Burge - “It wasn't the prettiest game today, but we did have a nice third quarter. I've been in enough of these to know that it's not about how many points you score but just getting to the next day. We took care of that.”
 Jonathan Burge - “More people are getting curious about bird flu.”
 Doug Burge - “The kids really jumped ahead at the start of the third quarter and that helped us control things a little.”
 Hugo Burge - “The airlines are always looking for the silver lining in adversity, and I think this is likely to be a genuine one.”