My Favorite Quotes
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 Greg Burgers - “We feel like we have guys that have all been to state so this isn't anything new. It used to be that we got excited about just going to state, but this season we have goals and expectations when we're there. We won't be caught in the headlights.”
 Greg Burgers - “This puts us in a good position to get that league title. In the past it's almost been a gimme that you could get to the state tournament if you had a pretty good team. This season it's going to be tougher.”
 Greg Burgers - “This is just a dream come true. I mean, yeah, we're going to play for the state championship. This is just unbelievable.”
 Greg Burgers - “This is the last season for the seniors and we just want to enjoy it. We only have a couple games left of high school basketball so we want to make the most of it.”