My Favorite Quotes
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 MarQuette Burgess - “(Cleaves) is, I guess you could say, multi-dimensional. She's our best defender, but she's also had some of her bigger games in postseason play, offensively.”
 John Burgess - “was not a blockbuster blowout but it went fine. Clearly there was good demand for it so it came and went as expected.”
 Michael Burgess - “It was the growth potential we saw in Niagara Falls that really attracted us.”
 Derrick Burgess - “I call him Cool Hand Luke. That's his name, because nothing gets to him, on the field or off the field, from what I've seen.”
 Steve Burgess - “You just hope your girls can perform what is a technical skill. Because that's what a penalty kick is just a technical skill, only under a lot of pressure.”
 Frank Burgess - “I never saw a Purple Cow I never hope to See One But I can Tell you, Anyhow, I'd rather See than Be One”
 Derrick Burgess - “But it still hurts. It hurt the team. I probably did like, this, on the guy. I don't know, man. That's the way it's been around here.”
 Frank Burgess - “Imagination is like a lofty building reared to meet the sky - fancy is a balloon that soars at the wind's will”
 John Burgess - “We provide a continuum of services designed to strengthen families and promote individual well-being.”
 George Burgess - “Public officials are accountable. They do deliver the service. There's a way to get back to the individual,”
 Mark Burgess - “I am a bit of a shoe freak. I am excited about this shoe. I am a runner and anytime I can help an initiative like the Terry Fox Foundation is great. I will never use them to run though.”
 Jeremy Burgess - “He told me I was one of the more intelligent Christians he's talked to. Coming from a Satanist, I didn't know quite how to interpret that.”
 Richard Burgess - “We're constantly looking for ways to revive interest in our catalog, so this was a no-brainer. Bob Dylan was pointing right to our releases.”
 Frank Burgess - “Ah, yes I wrote the 'Purple Cow' I'm sorry, now, I wrote itBut I can tell you anyhow,I'll kill you if you quote it”
 Steve Burgess - “As a forward she also defends well and can put pressure on other team's defenses because of her defensive knowledge.”
 Tim Burgess - “That was nothing to do with us. A mate of ours runs a record label and he was trying to upstage for a laugh. I refused to look up, so he didn't put me off. I want our album to come out next March, so that's when it's going to come out.”
 Frank Burgess - “Maxims are like lawyers who must need to see but one side of the case”
 Steve Burgess - “If the legislature that created Citizens goes through the process and determines they need a factor to cover these concerns Citizens is talking about, then it will be proper. I don't think it's up to Citizens' board to decide that.”
 Anthony Burgess - “The downtrodden are the great creators of slang.”
 Anthony Burgess - “A novelist should not be too intelligent either, although... he may be permitted to be an intellectual.”
 Anthony Burgess - “It's always good to remember where you come from and celebrate it. To remember where you come from is part of where you're going.”
 Anthony Burgess - “All human life is here, but the Holy Ghost seems to be somewhere else.”
 Guy Burgess - “We have different personalities and different skills and the kind of things that we do, we can do together that neither of us can do separately. We've been working together so closely that it's kind of hard to decide what's my work and what's her work, it's ours really.”
 Anthony Burgess - “To write is to become disinterested. There is a certain renunciation in art.”
 Nick Burgess - “I thought Holcomb had an easier draw, but it turned out that the freshman he faced in the first round ended up second at district. It turned out to be a really bad draw and he didn't wrestle well.”

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