My Favorite Quotes
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 Larry Burkhardt - “If we got a call tomorrow and someone said they wanted to take 20 acres, I wouldn't be surprised. At the same time, I wouldn't predict it either.”
 Larry Burkhardt - “The challenge there is that we're looking for larger users, and there's been some leveling off of activity the number of clients looking to build large facilities. And rising fuel costs may have had an impact on that.”
 Larry Burkhardt - “It will give us the chance to distinguish and position ourselves to get more attention. I don't think the name change will attract new companies, but it may help us market more effectively.”
 Larry Burkhardt - “This name gives us a blank slate. It does connote geography but it's not being used. It gives us the opportunity to attract attention and define on our own terms just what the geography represents.”
 Titus Burkhardt - “A craft can only have meaning when it serves a spiritual way.”