My Favorite Quotes
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 Roy Burkhead - “Theoretically, our writers will come to us with nothing. And they will leave with the first draft of a novel, a portfolio of poems or even the first act of a play. The biggest monster of writing is the first blank 250 pages and the program is here to help confront those challenges.”
 Roy Burkhead - “The idea is that we feel like a community. We do not graduate many students at a time because some of our members might take a session off, but they still come to our free lectures or events that promote any other member's works. No one ever stops being a part of our community. We are all very centered around the philosophy of being a writer support group.”
 Roy Burkhead - “At some point in your life, you become more interested in quality than quantity. By participating in this program you start to feel like a part of your community through your work.”