My Favorite Quotes
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 Charles Burks - “It had to come to an end sometime. We played hard and didn't give up, but our shots weren't falling. They got us out of sync a little bit.”
 Brandon Burks - “Matt Stephens has played his best golf the last four rounds. He's really improved his game.”
 David Burks - “Maybe everything's on the up and up. But in light of what's happened, people are just going to be naturally suspicious when these names come up.”
 Charles Burks - “Watsonville always plays tough. It doesn't matter what they have, they always work hard for four quarters.”
 David Burks - “We are pleased to be working with VSNL to streamline their network operations. Our performance management solution will allow VSNL to respond rapidly to changes in the network environment, offer new services quickly and affordably, and retain its leading position in the telecommunications industry.”
 Ron Burks - “Once we get individuals acclimated to the policy, I don't think there will be any problems.”
 Charles Burks - “When we lose our composure, when we don't play our game, we're going to lose.”
 Charles Burks - “They played tough. We made a couple mental errors down the stretch. We'll have to play better than that to beat SLV. It should be a great game.”
 Charles Burks - “It's great to get that first win. We had a couple losses down the stretch in the preseason, so it's good to get your confidence going.”
 Lynn Burks - “I don't know how many doors you've knocked on or phone calls you've made. Everybody who worked on the committee, their credibility is on the line.”
 Ron Burks - “With all of the government buildings and bars and restaurants that have gone smoke free, it's only appropriate we should too. Health care should have been first.”
 David Burks - “You could make a case that the group was due for some kind of bounce after just falling and falling and falling for so many months. On the fundamental side, it would seem more and more evident that the economy is picking up and these companies could benefit from any attendant increase in demand for energy.”
 David Burks - “The consumer long-distance sector is viewed as an albatross for all of the long distance carriers these days. ATT is not the only one considering such an action.”