My Favorite Quotes
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 Debra Burlingame - “I think it's very important that they understand the people who were killed.”
 Debra Burlingame - “I take them at their word.”
 Debra Burlingame - “When the United States government tries to do things like expediting and making things easier for people, they create a pretext for letting in illegal immigrants.”
 Debra Burlingame - “The word closure doesn't hold much meaning for us. Nothing's going to change the horrendous manner in which my brother was murdered.”
 Debra Burlingame - “Absolutely he deserves the death penalty.”
 Debra Burlingame - “I don't want to hear it. I deliberately did not go to court. I can't hear that tape.”
 Debra Burlingame - “My concern would be, is the government in the travel business or the business of protecting our borders”
 Debra Burlingame - “Those things need to be resolved before you can go out in a national campaign. You have to be able to tell the public what it is you're building. I don't think they can answer that question yet.”
 Debra Burlingame - “The threats to our architecture have surpassed the giant ape. Airplanes with jet fuel were far more dangerous than any primate, however big.”