My Favorite Quotes
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 Jeromy Burnitz - “I don't remember many games like the last two games when I played here. Runs aren't being scored here.”
 Jeromy Burnitz - “There are two distinct advantages here. The pitches don't break as much and because of the outfield, you can get a lot of hits even when you don't put a good swing on the ball.”
 Jeromy Burnitz - “I took that first strike and then he turned it up a notch. He brought that little cutter or slider or whatever it is, and it just ran in on me more than I anticipated. I thought I had a decent swing.”
 Jeromy Burnitz - “I've been battling lately. Today I was just trying to really stay on the ball a little bit more. It was a high fastball and I got under it and put a good swing and hit it really good.”
 Jeromy Burnitz - “He's on top of his game, that's for sure. Some guys never get to that point, but you have to be hopeful. It was a good thing to watch.”
 Jeromy Burnitz - “Trace is a real well-spoken guy and he's got his points laid out. Let's play the game correctly and let's achieve something. That's the message that I got from him. Let's get it on and do our jobs correctly and win more games than this organization has won in the past couple of years.”
 Jeromy Burnitz - “I have a total, comprehensive plan about what it takes to stay in the big leagues and be successful. I don't know if it's anything revolutionary, but it's worked for me. I'm willing to share it with anyone who wants to listen. It's not a secret. A lot of people helped me when I was a young guy and I'm willing to help these young guys.”
 Jeromy Burnitz - “I just see the ball in the zone and hit the ball hard. I was trying to hit line drives up the middle. Good things happen sometimes when you have a good plan.”
 Jeromy Burnitz - “We're a good team. I doubt we're going to lose every game this year.”
 Jeromy Burnitz - “It seems like teams that have good chemistry, well, that's because they kicked everybody else's butts all year, so everybody's happy and gets along.”
 Jeromy Burnitz - “We've shown we're capable of showing up for the battle.”