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 Roger Burrows - “By far the largest number of people in poverty are homeowners, many of them young first-time buyers.”
 Ray Burrows - “For creditors, bills are just a number, ... It's not going to take them long to forget about the Hurricane Katrina deal.”
 John Burrows - “The instruments are now being used to monitor a significant number of key tropospheric trace gases including formaldehyde, methane, sulphur dioxide and carbon monoxide and dioxide,”
 Ray Burrows - “We are normal people like anybody else. We are mothers and daughters and sisters and brothers, ... We are just like you.”
 Alexandre Burrows - “Right now every night is the biggest game of my life down the stretch.”
 Julie Burrows - “We are obviously pleased with our continued traffic growth as it shows the importance of local news to the millions of upscale consumers that visit our sites. Our consumers who typically visit during the day, while at work, show us they trust local news brands to keep them connected to their world during the day.”
 Peter Burrows - “Time and again, Apple CEO Steve Jobs gets grilled when he introduces digital-music products. When the iPod came out in October, 2001, critics complained the 400 unit was hopelessly overpriced. Many said the same thing when Apple unveiled the iPod Mini in early 2004, arguing that consumers would never fork over 250 for just a few gigabytes of storage. And a year later, some naysayers called the iPod Shuffle plain silly, given its lack of a screen to navigate through songs.”
 Peter Burrows - “It's still early for this. Data quality and clean up is obvious already. Compliance to customer requirements can be seen already. We look different and more modern. We've seen benefits in terms of operational efficiencies and effectiveness. We're achieving Y2K compliance without spending a lot on remediating legacy code.”
 Eva Burrows - “Many of our troubles in the world today arise from an over-emphasis of the masculine, and a neglect of the feminine. This modern world is an aggressive, hyperactive, competitive, masculine world, and it needs the woman's touch as never before.”
 Saffron Burrows - “I had a happier experience of the city as an actress than I had had as a model.”
 David Burrows - “The jet looks like steam from a high pressure boiler, except when you realize you are looking at a stream of matter and antimatter electrons moving at half the speed of light.”
 Eva Burrows - “In family life, love is the oil that eases friction, the cement that binds closer together, and the music that brings harmony.”
 Saffron Burrows - “I like acting in London-not least because it means I can go home after the show every day, rather than being on location making a film.”
 Alexandre Burrows - “We have to have a better power play, that's the bottom line. We've got to get it done (tomorrow).”
 Eva Burrows - “In spite of the way many people are turning away from God, not for other gods, but for no god in spite of the mess we are making of this beautiful Planet Earth which God has given us, God still loves the world.”
 George Burrows - “Its the cycle. We're really lucky here. I think this is one of the best places in town.”
 Saffron Burrows - “I do get funny people sometimes coming up to me in supermarkets in America with my picture in their pocket, which is a bit strange.”
 Saffron Burrows - “My parents were political, so it's definitely in my bones. Wherever I am, I always seem to get involved with politics. I think, once it's in your bloodstream, it's always there. I love it.”
 Alexandre Burrows - “It might have went off my jersey. I didn't think it touched me, but once the hats were all over the ice, maybe they couldn't turn it around. First year in the NHL and every game is like, 'I can't believe it, a real dream come true.”
 David Burrows - “I think this is a temporary distance record that will be broken some time in the near future.”
 David Burrows - “Because the burst was brighter than a billion suns, many telescopes could study it even from such a huge distance.”
 Roger Burrows - “It's very early stages, it's idea-creation stage.”
 John Burrows - “We just want to play and put a really good show on. Since there's going to be a lot of different people there with different tastes, it's a good place to convert some people over to our stuff.”
 Eva Burrows - “The hardship and suffering caused by unemployment penetrates every area of life. While politicians are tallying up the economic costs of unemployment, I wish they'd be more aware of the social and moral consequences which are unparalleled in many nat”
 Alexandre Burrows - “It was getting kind of tough, but the coaches kept showing confidence in me. It's always nice to score a couple of goals. That was a big win for us. Hopefully, I won't have to go through another slump like that.”

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